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The Perfect Cup of Hot Chocolate to Keep You Warm This Winter Season

Imagine sitting in your rocking chair and snuggled under the warm blankets enjoying the scenic view of snow fall outside your window.

We can already feel the coziness and warmth that this winter brings to our homes. What better way to spend the cold nights than to laze around the house in your PJs, sipping on piping hot chocolate.

Get ready to welcome the chilly season with the perfect cup of hot chocolate and thank us with every delicious sip of the decadent drink.

The Star of the Show – Chocolate

Use cocoa powder or chocolate bars, anything would suffice as long as its high-quality. You can use dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate or a mix of all—whatever you prefer!

Strawberry Chocolate

We recommend using chocolate brands like TCHO, Guittard, and Callebaut and choosing a variety of chocolate chunks, chips, baton sticks, powder, and nibs. If you want a more intense and earthy flavor, go with a higher percentage of cocoa (up to 70%). Or, melt milk chocolate and white chocolate chunks to make a sweeter version for your kids.

Remember, as long as you get the ratio right, your drink will turn out great!

What Do You Prefer – Milk Or Cream?

The debate about milk vs. cream as a base for hot chocolate is contentious. Some prefer the standard whole milk, while others enjoy a healthier version with skimmed or almond milk.

If you’re someone who isn’t lactose intolerant and appreciates a rich a wholesome flavor, we recommend going with full-fat milk.

However, if you like “living on the edge”, add full cream to your chocolate and taste the velvety smoothness. It’ll be the perfect treat to survive the winter chills.

Dash Of Spice Anyone?

Elevate the taste of your simple milk chocolate by adding a dash of spice and flavoring. Adding sweet spices has always been a popular tradition with cinnamon and vanilla being the most common ingredients. Other spices like nutmeg and chili powder are used to add a hot and pungent aftertaste.

Wholesale Sweets and Chocolate

If you’re feeling fancy, cook cinnamon sticks and scrap the vanilla pods directly in the saucepan to release the flavors in the simmering hot chocolate.

Universal Recipe

Now that you’ve all the base ingredients ready to go, here are some tips to experiment with.

Warm the milk over a saucepan on medium heat and gradually add cocoa powder and chocolate chunks. Add a dash of cream and whisk well until combined.

Once a smooth mixture is ready, add your spices and flavoring with a pinch of salt to bring out the chocolate flavor.

Remember to be patient and keep the flame on medium-low. You can’t rush the cooking time or else you will risk the mixture being burned and spoilt.

Dress It Up Or Dress It Down – Your Call!

Now comes the most fun part—decorating, of course! Pour the hot chocolate mixture into a large mug and go crazy with the toppings. You can add everything; from marshmallows to whipped cream. Sprinkle chocolate shavings on top and add a festive cherry to complete the look.

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For the final presentation, drizzle chocolate syrup on top and add a pinch of cocoa powder before serving.

Only the richest and quality ingredients will be needed to turn your regular cup of hot chocolate into a heavenly divine treat.

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