Why You Should Organize a Company Picnic on a Weekday

Heart attack. Kidney failure. Cancer. And work.

Do you know what is similar among all four of the aforementioned?

They can all kill you. Yes, even work. And it’s not just listening to Rihanna’s repetitive and ineligible Work that one might end fed up and frustrated instead: there are many people who become afflicted with depression due to work.

The world is quickly coming to terms with the phenomenon that burnout is, and are realizing that it can have long-lasting and drastic effects on people.

Perhaps the most striking of all is that in Japan, people are working hard; working so hard, in fact, that they’re working themselves to death. Horrifying as it may be, the “hard work” is hard only in the sense that it is taxing and exhausting.

Work that comes from a depressed and stressed out employee is hardly quality work, and in the end it is the company and the business at large which suffer.

So What Is To Be Done?

Getting them back in the loop is a matter of a carefully devised activity or an event, or even a series of activities if the lethargy is that great.

Make them engage with each other and get them talking—about things which don’t spell W-O-R-K at all. For a day, arrange a picnic or something which is not about work at all, but is engineered to steer them away from their work environment.

Planning a picnic is easy and often the first thing most employers seem to think up when thinking of a company event. Part of it is due to the fact that it only takes up a few hours and can be prepared at a setting that is not work-related, and so the workplace will not end up getting stashed.

What Goes Wrong: The Weekday Worry

Employees reading files

While all that is well and good, most employers are disgruntled when they see that most of their employees still fail to show up for the picnic. They go through the trouble and expense of organizing a fun company outing, and the employees don’t show up—this makes them think that the employees aren’t really interested, and they stop organizing events entirely.

That’s not true. Most employees just like a day home—especially since most companies organize their picnics on a weekend. Here’s how to ensure maximum participation in a company picnic:

  • Organize it on a weekday. This way your employees won’t have to give up part oftheir free day and can actually look forward to a some fun which would otherwise have been a day of work.
  • Have some sort of transportation ready. If the plan is to take them far away to a resort make sure you are providing adequate transportation so that they don’t have to worry about the commuting.

    From fuel to the distance, many factors can be off-putting for workers. If possible, have them picked from their homes or nearby bus stops.

Team building

It all boils down to making things easier for them. And once you’re done with that part, you’ll have a good number of positive results to boot. Here are some of the many bound to happen:

Increased Participation

Since they’re not losing part of their weekends, they’ll be more than willing to show up for a few hours of fun.

Increased Engagement

Since the picnic is at a setting other than the office, workers will feel more willing to open up, relax, and engage in conversation.

It’s cost-effective

It’s done within a day, and the preparations are made in bulk. Weekdays also carry a lower rental cost for venues since the weekends are always crammed.

The Logistics Are Easier

On weekdays, the parking lots are bound to be relatively empty; hence the logistics will be easier to manage.

Picnics Are More Diverse

A picnic can double as a series of games which otherwise have to be organized at the workplace.

It Brings A Sense Of Community—And Improves Your Branding!

The communal and corporate spirit is established, and the company begins to look better as a brand. As others will see that you care for your employees, they’ll flock to your brand, wanting it.

Best of all, it refreshes and invigorates your employees, making them less likely to suffer from burnout or depression.

Ready to Organize a Company Picnic?

Team Unity is a New Jersey based corporate event planning guru specializing in company picnics. They can be reached at (973) 325-9111.

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