Office Party Shenanigans – What You Need to Keep the New Year Party Aftermath in Control

When it comes to planning a New Year’s office party, the aftermath is hardly the first factor you think about. The food, the drinks, the decorations and the atmosphere – that’s all there usually is, with the subsequent cleanup left to the cleaning staff.

But are you sure this is the way to go?

Especially for a smart business, not having the right service on-call for the after party-cleanup can cause problems. With your complex wiring system and electronic devices, you can’t always be sure where those streamers and confetti (not to mention cake crumbs) might end up!

Make the cleanup easier by following these steps!

Start Out Clean

Clear out all the files and paperwork so nothing goes amiss during the cleanup later. Bind all wires and tape down any cords that are in the way.

If you have a janitorial company on contract, get them to give your office a deep clean so the space is spotless.

Don’t Make a Mess during the Party

You know things are going to get exciting once the karaoke machine comes out!

But we can’t let that get out of control.

Before the party, send an email to the staff about basic party guidelines and what’s allowed.

Sitting on desks, creating unnecessary rubbish (popping those streamers in the workplace well before midnight), leaving paper plates here and there – mark these as party no-no’s!

Make Cleanup Easier


Have empty trays and trash receptacles nearby.

Use paper plates, cups and disposable napkins so people can toss them in the bin after using them.

Also, triple-line the bins so there’s still a lining there if you take out the full bag during the party.

Keep Things Simple

Once the party starts winding down, trash the bigger items right away—Party balloons, large platters, any ribbons and streamers that are in the way.


Put any ceramic plates and glasses that were used in the dishwasher.

Also, put away any food that’s left over. There’s nothing worse than the smell of spoilt food!

Hire a Cleanup Crew

Unless you notify your commercial cleaning company about the party, they will visit your business according to their schedule.

Send a message to them about the occasion so they can have a cleanup crew ready once the party is over.

Services such as Square Inch in Puget Sound area offer free cleanups for special occasions twice a year for contract clients.

Party Hard!

This is pretty much the gist of it!

Hire a reliable janitorial cleaning service; swap those ceramic plates for paper and party! This New Year, start things out on a positive, clean note!

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