Of Knives and Spatulas: Must-Have Tools for Every Chef

They say everyone needs a shiny something in their lives. For a chef’s life, it is a lot of “shiny somethings” – their tools. They are what a wand is to a magician; a power to transform the dough and blends and mixes into something flavorful and artistic – almost as if by magic.

Chef Tools

 A common misconception that runs especially amongst newbie cooks is that “hands are enough”.

Quite untrue. The use of right culinary gadgets and gizmos is the paramount basis of finest looking meals.

As the trend for gourmet meals and designer cakes take rise, so does the variety of tools available for chefs around the world. While the collection of cooking and baking tools is quite vast, there are some basic tools – the utensils for perfecting the culinary art when hands and fingers just do not suffice.

Knife Sets

Chef Tools OnlineKnow the texture of ingredient you cut in. And then know the edge you need to cut into that ingredient. A professional knife set is a must have tool for every chef.

From jagged edges for breads and fruits to sleek-sharped lines for delicate meat cuts; designer knives have quality sharpness and ergonomically designed handles.


When the powdery solids blends into mix into batters and you get those maddening lumps – whisk to the rescue! This hand-held tool is ideal for blending batters and mixes, sauces and soups.


Why endure the clunky mess and sounds of spoons against mixing bowls when a rubber spatula does the work twice as fast and tidily? Spatulas come in two different styles:

  • Flexible rubber pads on long wooden/ plastic handles – great when to have to wipe out bowls, or pat down the mix along edges of the baking tins/pans.


  • Flat metal length with short handles – ideal for smoothing out frostings and spreading out mixtures over pies or tarts.


To create shavings of whole spices, garlic or ginger, or some fresh citrus zest; graters are a significant addition to a chef’s tool set. You’d be surprised just how many times this will come in handy when you expand your palette.

Pastry bags

Fruit & Pastry Fillings StoreCommon polythene not hygienically unreliable but also hinders with the shape of a frosting or batter mix. Spoons and forks are simply messy for working with designs.

Use disposable pastry bags, which have a structurally sound outer surface for firm control for frosting designs and can be neatly cut off wide at the tip for external fittings.

Nylon pastry bags are a stable reusable option. These can be washed out with boiling hot water.


Think you’re ready to get started on working will new tools? Head on over to Divine Specialties; they provide a select range of professional chef tools online amongst 5000 specialty products in California.

What are you waiting for? Get your chef game on!

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