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In the Now: Hottest Salon Trends

It’s time to get over the “New Year, New Me” tagline.

For salon owners and managers of hair styling establishments, it’s all about a new year and new trends. New trends mean newer equipment, contemporary fashion, Instagram influencers, and a healthy mix of multiple factors, which when combined with the right formula can make the right difference for your salon.

Social Media and the Digital World

The world has become so far digitized that it’s impossible to even imagine someone without a smartphone in their hand. The smartphone has taken over most essential devices (such as the TV, the computer, etc.) and social media has become the new source of tracking trends, knowing what’s going in various parts of the world, so on and so forth. As of 2019, some 2.77 billion people in the world use social media.

It would do you well to integrate both these elements into your basic business plan: have pages on social media that are regulated by moderators, engaging potential customers in the process. Enable a mobile app or an email newsletter, automated texts informing customers of alerts, etc. People scramble to mobile phones and social media because it makes life easier for them, and salon owners who realize how beneficial this can be for their business are on the right track.

Instagram Savvy

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Instagram is huge these days, perhaps even bigger than Facebook—especially when it comes to the beauty and fashion industry. Some of the most celebrated people, makeup artists, fashion designers, and others hail from Instagram, where they have millions of followers.

If you focus on transforming your salon to make it become Instagram savvy, you’ll see a visible change in your clientele—a positive change. If your salon has the right aesthetic, the right lighting, and the right perks, you’ll soon be going viral on social media platforms. But it’s not so easily done.

We advise you to introduce selfie stations to your establishment, specially designed for a niche that wished to flaunt their new haircut on Instagram. Once multiple people have taken photos and released them on social media, you’ll strike gold. Remember, selfie obsession is still a thing, so make the most of it.

Go Natural

The millennial generation is obsessed with all things natural. According to reports, millennials are gravitating around organic fare, and many brands are jumping on to the bandwagon to target this woke audience. Introducing a range of organic products in your skin and hair care products will definitely attract the audiences that wouldn’t mind paying up a bit extra just to make sure they’re getting the best of organic products out there.

Besides, it isn’t just good for your finances—it’s good for the environment.

Get the Best Salon Equipment in Town

Items as minimal as a fancy salon chair can make a difference. With furnishing and salon equipment that’s set to impress, you’ll soon notice hoards of customers flocking to your salon just to check out the ambiance and décor you offer, in addition to your services.

Get in touch with Empire Salon Equipment for the most avant-garde salon equipment and furniture and upgrade the aesthetic of your salon to great heights.

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