No Use Splitting Hairs! Let’s Discuss Different Hair Textures

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Not everyone is as lucky as Rapunzel, who could pull up a fully-grown man with help of her long luscious hair.

So, what should short-haired women do? Cry and blame genetics?

Well, that’s definitely not an option. You can turn things around in your favor with help of hair extensions.

There are lots of options within the hair extensions genre; so go curly or go straight, but before your give hair extension a try, know which type of extension will work best with your hair.

Bonded Hair Extension For Medium To Thick Hair

The name itself is self-explanatory, human hair is bonded to your existing hair with help of keratin gel or adhesive glue. This long-lasting hair extension solution takes up to 8 hours to be applied, but ladies, its ultimate beauty is worth the wait.

They can last a long time with proper care, as the application process uses glue don’t apply conditioner, oil, or any other hair solutions that can breakdown the glue. This non-reusable beauty will need to be replaced by new hair extensions once they have completed their due course.

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Tape-In Hair Extensions For Fine Thin Hair

Section of hair attached to a thin piece of tape that sticks to your original hair roots without being detected.

This option is ideal for thin hair, as the tape camouflages with the real hair adding volume and length. Just avoid use of oil, conditioners, and silicone based products near the roots, as this can cause the tape to lose its sticking. You can easily apply tape-in extensions within an hour and reuse until the tape has losses its sticking ability.

Weaves For Thick, Curly, Coarse Hair

In order for the weave to be sewn in your hair, the existing hair needs to be braided ear to ear. You can get a weave for a section of your head or for your complete scalp.

Once the cornrow braiding process is complete, bundles of hair weaves are needled in to your braids with help of a thread. To pull off a professional weave look, you need to make sure your braids are tight providing sufficient support to your weave.

Your braids will need to be retightened after every 4 weeks, so choose an expert salon. You can reuse the weave, but make sure you don’t loosen your braids by over styling your hair.

Clip-In Hair Extension For Low Or Medium Density Hair

Weft of hairs attached to clips that can be clipped in to the roots of your existing hair. They are easy to apply for short-term use; they should be removed immediately after use in order to prevent damage to the roots of your hair.

Partner With Right Extension


Hair extension takes support from your actual hair, so choose hair extensions according to the density of your hair. Match density with extension texture and weight, if you have fine thin hair use light weight extension to avoid damage to your roots and hair.

Get in touch with an expert stylist to apply your hair extensions and follow the maintenance guideline to prolong the life of your hair extensions.

Avoid leaving them in your hair for long duration, and get them replaced after 2 months. Although if you buy virgin hair, you can use them for longer period compared to extensions made from human hair. You can color, style and dye virgin hair, but human hair has its own limitation.

For the love of natural looking virgin or human hair, buy quality hair extension from a credible hair expert like the Mayvenn. This hair company is recommended my multiple stylists and provides 30 days guarantee and free shipping for all their products.


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