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Here is What You Need to Make Nursing Easier

Nursing after giving birth comes naturally. Or that is the working idea—a myth posing as reality. Nursing or breastfeeding unfortunately doesn’t come naturally for many women. It is true that everything needs practice to make it perfect, and the same could be said about nursing. It may take some weeks of effort to get the process of nursing your newborn just right.

Even then there are some issues that nursing women face. Following are the most common ones and how to solve them:

Too Shy to Breastfeed in Public

Working new mothers cannot afford to take more time than the allotted maternity leave to take care of their baby. This is a harsh truth, and sooner or later, new mothers have to brave the world outside their home with a little one depending on them.

The real issue arises when new mothers have to make the choice between breastfeeding in public or giving the bottle to their baby.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding this issue, resulting in even the bravest and boldest of women to think twice about nursing any place other than their home. Know your rights—there is nothing wrong with public breastfeeding.

What to do

Nursing moms should look for the international breastfeeding symbol when outside. The blue and white symbol (of a nursing mom) signifies the store or restaurant welcomes breastfeeding moms.

Baby Won’t Latch On and Feed

Skin to skin is the way to go according to many lactation consultants. This will encourage your baby to latch on and feed!

Skin to skin contact during nursing helps with other issues too, as well as helping the baby bond with the mother.

What to Do

Strip your baby down to just the diaper and get naked yourself, from the waist up. Take a semi-reclining position, with baby placed on your chest. It is important to choose a comfortable position.

Your baby will latch onto the breast when ready!

Over-production of Milk Causing Baby to Choke and Gulp

Some nursing mothers produce more milk for their babies than they really need. The milk flows fast and forcefully, making it difficult for the baby to drink easily.

Does your baby fuss a lot or make gulping sounds when drinking milk? Fast overflow might be the issue!

Monitor your baby’s poop after breastfeeding—is it frothy green in color? Fortunately you can fix this issue easily.

What to Do

There are two strategies that usually work to fix this issue. Switch sides (during breastfeeding) after every two or three minutes. This might help to equalize milk flow.

You can also try a strategy known as ‘block feeding’ if the first one doesn’t work. Pick a block of time, such as 4 hours, and give the baby only your left breast for nursing during that time.

The right breast will become quite full, which is the idea. Your body will automatically produce less milk for that breast. Switch to the right breast after the 4 hour block, for the next four hours.

You can also buy essential nursing items to make this easier for both you and the baby, such as nursing pads for preventing milk leakage. Another useful product is a good quality nursing cover. Both items can be found at Dressed to Deliver, an online maternity store!

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