The Need for a Kid’s Makeup Collection

Recently, mothers have been receiving a lot flak for letting their girls wear makeup at an early age – sometimes as young as 3yrs old. Some have even come out to justify why their 6yrs old have their own makeup bag that consists of worn out hand-me-downs from their mother’s collection.

Little kids idolize their parents and have a tendency to emulate their behavior. It’s highly unlikely that a mother will sit down with a young daughter and encourage or teach her how to wear makeup – they have YouTube for that.

Here’s the thing, parents don’t want their young kids to apply makeup ‘correctly’, no matter how natural it looks. They distinguish between girls ‘playing’ with makeup and girls ‘wearing’ makeup. As long as makeup is treated like another fun toy, there’s no problem with them wearing it and this is where kid’s makeup collections come in to play.

Kid’s Makeup Collection

Parents should have the option of giving their kids an age appropriate makeup collection the same way they choose to give them Easy Bake Ovens—it’s a simplified, safer, kid’s version of the real thing.

Kids will always be intrigued by what their parents are doing, why not give them products that are made specifically for them?

Here’s how kids’ makeup differs from adult makeup:

· Colours

Kids’ makeup has limited colours, all of which are fun and bright. Sultry berry shades probably shouldn’t be there.

· Less chemicals

We all know that makeup can cause you to breakout when it isn’t cleaned properly. Adult makeup consists of a lot of chemicals that aren’t good for the skin. Even the products used to remove makeup are harsh for the skin.

Good quality kids’ makeup should be gentle on their delicate skin and shouldn’t have harmful chemicals.

· Easy to apply and remove

Kids’ makeup should be simple to apply and should removed easily too. No child wants to stand at the sink cleansing and toning their tiny faces!

ShuShu Kids offers makeup products that were designed for young kids. Their kid-friendly makeup consists of water-based kids friendly nail polishes, peel-off nail polishes, Natural Lip Crayons and stick-on 3D Nail Art.


The entire kids’ makeup collection is eco-friendly and made of natural ingredients; your child’s safety is their priority. The nail polish and lip crayons come off easily – no harsh removers and cleansers required. Their nails polish products and Lip Crayons come in vibrant, fun colours your kids are sure to love!


To top it all off, the products are available in unbelievably cute packaging which your little girls won’t be able to resist!

Check out their non-toxic, safe and stylish kids’ makeup collection and place your order today!

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