Children’s Wear to Moms

Marketing Children’s Wear to Moms – Some Key Aspects

According to Entrepreneur, there are 75 million mothers in the United States. These moms have an influence on around 85 percent of household decisions. That equates to almost $2.1 trillion every year in spending.

When it comes to children’s wear, the decisions, almost always, reside with the mom. The key to success in this industry is to market effectively to moms.

The Millennial Mom

One very important factor to consider is that around 83 percent of new moms are millennials. This mother is quite different than the mothers before her. She has got her own passions, motivations and more importantly, a career or income stream. She is digital-savvy and has diverse media habits.

Do Your Research

When charting out a marketing strategy for moms, it is very important that you thoroughly understand this demographic.

From popular children’s wear trends to where they are spending time on the Internet, you will have to research well to have success with moms.

Leverage the Power of Social Media

Power of Social MediaAgain, most moms today have social media accounts at more than one platform. By having an active social media presence, you can create a favorable impression in the eyes’ of moms.

From providing helpful tips to offering them discounts, you can use the power of social media in many ways. Engage with them, listen to what they are saying and reply to their concerns. In this technology-dominated world, if you win on social media, you win big time.

Connect with Them on an Emotional Level

When it comes to kids, all mothers are emotional. One way you can reach her heart is by supporting a kids-related cause, such as a research center or hospital.

Millennial moms also care a lot about social responsibility. If you can portray your brand as green and earth-friendly, you can make an incredible impression.

Hire Moms

From handling your social media page to your in-store sales staff, it is a good approach to hire moms if you are looking to thrive in the children’s wear sector.

They will not only be able to connect meaningfully with other moms, they will also serve as your brands’ influencers.

Make Buying Fun for Kids

Enhancing your in-store experience for kids can be a useful marketing strategy for moms. By face painting or staging contests, you can make visiting fun for kids. Moms want their kids to be happy and entertained and are always looking for events that hit the mark.

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