Bernese Mountain Dogs

Why We Love Bernese Mountain Dogs

All dogs are, of course, good dogs. But when it comes to the Bernese mountain dog, there’s just something about them that makes them the epitome of the best dogs. Big but not too bulky, gentle-natured and shy, furry and soft, lovable and cuddly but not too overwhelming, and amazingly energetic and hardworking, the Bernese mountain dog is quintessentially a perfect dog.

Learning About the Bernese mountain dog

Probably one of the most easygoing and even-tempered dogs, the Bernese mountain breed is the best you could get if you want a silly, goofy but intelligent dog. Despite their energy and tough build, these dogs are usually okay with lounging around as well (though they’ll need some time out in the sun later).

Lovable, friendly, gentle, and always with a smile on their face, these dogs are always up for a cuddle session. But don’t let their carefree nature fool you!

Bernese mountain dogs are bred for protection and so they can keep a watchful eye on their surroundings. Even if they’re goofing off, you can be sure they’ll still have an eye on things. And don’t worry about them being a bit too much for the young’uns. These dogs are quite protective and loyal of their humans, so it’ll almost be like you have a helping hand around the house.

Also, with this breed, you can have more of some puppy time as well. Bernese mountain dogs mature slowly in comparison to other breeds, so you’ll have a great source of unadulterated, wholesome joy in your home.

Let’s Get into the Details…

It must be stressed though that like with all dogs, Bernese mountain dogs also have a few traits that may warrant your attention. For example, while typically friendly, Bernese mountain dogs can be aloof as well, even excessively shy. In fact, these pups have been known to even be shy around certain groups of people, for instance, men with beards. Go figure!

A way to improve their attitude is by socializing them early on. You don’t want their natural caution to turn into extreme shyness.

In addition, you may also want to brush up on your training skills when the time comes. Bernese mountain dogs are a sensitive breed, so they may not respond well to the tough love approach.

Instead, you must be slow, patient and should shower them with encouragement and praise. Although some might prove to be a bit hardheaded, especially the male dogs, they will eventually come around.

So Should You Adopt a Bernese mountain dog?

You should if you want a dog that is:

  • Large and powerful
  • Has a thick coat (especially useful if you live in a colder climate)
  • Is polite and gentle-natured
  • Is non-aggressive
  • Is friendly with other pets

If that’s the case, then a Bernese mountain dog is the perfect breed for you!

Bernese mountain dog

Adopting a Bernese mountain dog!

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