What to Look For in a Destination Wedding Photographer

If you’ve just finalized the venue for your destination wedding, you’re probably on the lookout for an experienced photographer for your special day. Finding a photographer to document one of the most important days of your life isn’t always easy. The number of challenges increases, even more, when you’re tying the knot at a location hundreds of miles away from your home.

Here are a few things you should always watch out for when selecting a destination wedding photographer.

Photography Style

Each photographer has their own unique sense of style that reflects in their work. When choosing a photographer for your destination wedding, it’s important to consider their aesthetic and the post-production process they follow.


By going through the photographer’s portfolio, you can determine whether they follow a more conventional approach with posed pictures or prefer capturing raw, candid moments as they happen. This will help you compare potential candidates and choose one whose work aligns perfectly with your vision for your big day.

Traveling Experience

While a photographer’s traveling experience isn’t necessarily a measure of their abilities and skills, it is certainly a plus for destination weddings. Most destination wedding venues are located in remote areas, with limited facilities. A well-traveled photographer is more likely to immediately adapt to the new environment and will be better prepared to handle unpredictable circumstances, such as weather and lighting.

Cost Considerations

This goes without saying; destination weddings are expensive!

The average cost of a destination wedding is nearly $30,000. From choosing a hotel for yourself and your guests to making arrangements for food and drinks for the reception, every little element of the event has a heavy price tag.

Always make sure to check the photographer’s pricing plan to learn whether their services are within your pre-set budget or not. Don’t forget to factor in the additional expenses, such as the cost of air tickets and hotel rooms.

Whether you choose to tie the knot with your significant other at a tropical island in the Caribbean or plan on exchanging vows by a beach in the Maldives, you’ll need an experienced wedding photographer for the ceremony.

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