Soursop Fruit Taste

A Little Tangy, A Little Sweet – What Exactly Does the Soursop Fruit Taste Like?

What do you think would be the outcome if a Pineapple and a Granny Smith Apple intermingled… on steroids?

A prickly green and thick-skinned fruit that probably resembles a custard apple! The graviola or soursop is indeed one strange looking fruit!

This fruit seems to be skewered on spikes, weighing more or less up to 15 pounds. Cut open the green rind of a ripe soursop to reveal a stark white pulp and rows of neatly lined dark and inedible seeds.

Soursop – Is It As Sour as the Name?

What does this alien fruit taste like?

How do you even eat it?

You’d be surprised… the soursop fruit is added in smoothies, clear drinks, teas, and even funky looking desserts. In fact, the fruit is considered a delicacy in many Central American countries!

But what about the taste that makes it so popular?

The Ultimate Tropical Fruit Has The Ultimate Tropical Taste!

What is the first thing you do when buying fruit? You pick it up, toss it around in your hand and take a good whiff.

The smell is the first indicator of the ripeness and freshness of a fruit. Since soursop is a tropical fruit, the right one will give off a tropical, funky fragrance with hints of muskiness in the back.

But what does soursop taste like? Let’s just say it is a specific amount of sour and varies greatly in sweetness.

As far as consistency is concerned, ripe soursop pulp resembles cooked fish, with a smooth and almost creamy texture. Like the taste of pineapple, banana or papaya? Well… you are going to love soursop as the fruit tastes like a combination of the three!

Ways to Prepare and Consume Soursop

It’s really easy to prepare the soursop fruit for use in beverages, desserts or eating in its raw state. It’s easier to scrape the smooth and sweet flesh off of ripe soursop, but remember to pluck away the inedible black seeds!

There are many ways you can consume this fruit – try blending some frozen soursop with Bacardi and blue curacao to make a great daiquiri!

You can also mix soursop juice with soda water and enjoy sip the tropical goodness! The fruit juice can also be used as a topping in cheesecakes and jellies. You can also blend frozen soursop into a sorbet!

There aren’t many fruits in the world that pull off a flawless combination of strange looks and irresistible taste, topping it all off with unmatchable health benefits like soursop. In fact, this is one reason why California based TKO Farms, Inc. wants more people to experience this fruit… starting from investors and partners! Become an investment partner and enjoy unlimited benefits now!

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