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Laser Skin Resurfacing: Is It worth It

For years now people have been opting for laser skin resurfacing in order to remove lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging.

The procedure tightens your skin, balances its tone and gives you a youthful appearance. Let’s face it, everyone wants beautiful skin and with laser skin resurfacing they can achieve that goal.

However, before you opt for this treatment, you need to know that it affects every person’s skin differently.

This is why you need to conduct proper research before visiting a cosmetic clinic. Let’s take a look at some of the things you need to know about this treatment:

When’s The Right Time to Have Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Most people don’t know this but autumn is known as the laser skin resurfacing season. This is because laser-treated skin is sensitive to the sun. Dermatologists suggest that you avoid the sun for at least a year after the treatment.

This is why people opt for this surgery during the season when daytime hours are short. It ensures that the skin stays healthy and also provides protection against ailments like skin cancer.

Treatment Might Hurt

The thing about laser skin resurfacing is that some people find it painful but others don’t. It all depends on the type of laser that is being used, the area being treated and the patient’s tolerance for pain.

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In case of deeper ablative laser treatment, the outer layer of the skin is removed. In these cases, surgeons apply local anaesthesia to numb the pain.

In contrast, non-ablative treatment is pain free. Doctors do apply pain numbing cream if the patients feel discomfort, however, that happens in rare cases.

People with Dark Skin Too Can Opt For This Treatment

There is this myth that laser skin resurfacing only works for people who have fair skin. That’s just a misconception. The fact is that people with all kinds of skin tones can opt for this treatment.

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It actually depends on the type of laser that is being used for example, Erbium lasers are considered good for African-Americans and Hispanics.

In addition to these factors, the results of laser skin resurfacing also depend on who is performing the surgery. This is why you should make sure you choose professionals to get the job done.

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