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Laser Hair Removal – Quick, Safe, and Painless

The constant shaving, waxing, and plucking is too inconvenient for people with thick body hair. Yet, at times, it seems like the only option when your legs start to resemble the Amazon jungle.

But there does exist another—far more permanent—solution for those looking for a smoother landscape in the shape of laser hair removal. It’s quick, safe, and relatively painless. Besides, who doesn’t want to escape the drudgery of conventional hair removal?

In this article take a deeper look into the workings of laser hair removal.

The entire process starts with shooting a particular type of laser (based on your hair and skin type) on the desired area. The concentrated light-beam is aimed at the pigment present in the hair follicle. The energy in the laser destroys the root-preventing the hair from re-emerging.

These lasers are of three main types:

  1. Alexandrite: Fastest among all types of lasers. It’s effective on large areas of the body for people with light skin complexions
  2. Diode: Proves effective for both dark and light skin.
  3. Nd:YAG: A long-pulsed laser safe for all skin complexions including tanned bodies. Effective when used on light hair.

Laser hair removal can generally be used on any part of the body you wish but is especially effective when used on the lip, bikini, underarm, and chin areas. It makes more sense for people with thicker hair to resort to such a treatment though it is important to remember that, frequent visits will be required. At times, hair can re-emerge due to hormonal changes. Leaving the treatment mid-way or not sticking to the schedule visits can decrease its effectiveness.

As is the case with waxing, it is important to remember that laser treatment may prove incompatible with certain medications. It is crucial to inform the doctor of your recent medical history before getting your hair removed. Some antibiotics are photosensitive, so it only makes sense to delay the laser treatment especially if you’re suffering from, or prone to any infection.

Contrary to popular belief, the unwanted hair doesn’t vanish overnight. The required sessions vary from person to person; add to that the fact that different body parts have varying hair growth rates. The real results will start showing themselves after an average of six to eight weeks.

Finally, also contrary to the widely held belief, laser hair removal does not cause immense pain. At worst, it can be described as the skin being hit by tiny elastic bands. A small inconvenience when compared to the benefits of the treatment.

Whether you’re a bodybuilder looking to enhance your muscles or just a person who wants to get rid of their thick and stubborn hair, our laser hair removal treatment in Calgary is all you need to make your skin smooth and silky for a long time to come!

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