What to Know Before Adopting a Newfiedoodle Puppy


You’ve been given the chance to adopt a pup, and you could not be more excited.

No offense to cats or other domesticated animals!

But as a dog lover, you always did have a propensity toward the bigger, furrier 4-legged pets.

And while you’d like nothing more than to adopt every dog that comes your way—as any sensible person would—for now, you’ve decided to go with just one; the Newfiedoodle!

Learning about the Newfiedoodle

A fine choice, if we do say so ourselves!

A hybrid of a Newfoundland and a poodle, the Newfiedoodle is perhaps one of the most popular cross-breeds in the dog world. And for good reason!

Known to be quite the companion dog, the Newfiedoodle is the best choice if you’re searching for a family dog. Because of their tendency to quickly attach to their owners, Newfypoos are very affectionate when it comes down to it. Although typically larger than your average doodle breed, the Newfypoos—perhaps because of the Newfoundland element—are much calmer. So there’s no need to worry about them jumping up on your 5-year old in excitement.

Newfypoo Basic Characteristics

Newfiepoodles have a longer average lifespan than what is typically found, going around 12–14 years, rather than 8–10 years. Perhaps it’s because of their hybrid nature, but the Newfiepoodle is in many ways a healthier pup as well.

Because of their diverse gene pools, the Newfypoo has a lot more energy, fewer health issues, and is easier to train as well, since they’re much more sociable and receptive to their owners.

Newfypoos also eat less than a purebred Newfoundland.  Not to mention that Newfypoos are also hypoallergenic and shed less as well.  That’s great news if you’ve got someone in the house with sensitive allergies or don’t like wearing a fur coat every time you leave your home.  This pup is also a non-drooling, so you won’t need to have any concerns about them staining the carpets either.

Another great thing is that Newfypoos love water, so you’ll likely not have trouble getting them to take a bath.

Newfypoo Personality

Newfypoos tend to be quite protective of their owners. Loyal and loving, these dogs are also quite patient and typically friendly as well. However, like with any dog breed, Newfypoos can be standoff-ish as well, especially when dealt with harshly.  A soft yet firm voice is recommended when training and teaching.  If you have young children around, it would be best to first teach them how to behave around dogs so they don’t end up harassing them.


Also, Newfypoos can be shy around newer people so it’s recommended that you involve them in proper socialization so they’re used to the presence of other people early on.

Adopting a Newfiepoodle!

When adopting a Newfiepoodle—or any kind of designer dog breed—always search for a reliable dog breeder, not backyard breeders. This will ensure you that your pup was well-taken care of and vaccinated before they’re handed to you.

Rosey Doodles is a trusted breeder with 20 years of experience in Idaho. Offering the most precious pups in hybrid and purebred breeds such as bernese mountain dog poodle, they’ll provide you with the pup you want that fits you and your family’s needs and lifestyle.

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