Just Man Things—A Guide To Men’s Jewelry Cleaning And Care

Jewelry of all kinds needs to be cared for so that they never age. Even the best quality jewelry requires care and a bit of cleaning. The cleaning agents you use will be different depending on the material you use. Here’s a guide for all kinds of men’s jewelry:


Tungsten is quite a robust metal and is used a lot to make men’s jewelry in specific. Tungsten rings for men can be commonly found. When cleaning this metal, you need to be careful. Use warm water and a mild detergent. Brush your pieces of jewelry with a soft bristle brush to coax any dirt out of the grooves.

Tungsten doesn’t require and polish, making it easy to care for. These pieces also don’t require re-plating. However, you must be careful to not drop these pieces as they can get damaged or lose its shape. Make sure no other chemicals are used to clean tungsten as it can react.


Titanium is known to be one of the most rigid and strong metals around. Titanium was introduced in men’s jewelry for this very reason. They require less maintenance and don’t damage very easily. When cleaning titanium jewelry, you can use a mild detergent, warm water and a brush.

For regular care, you can use a polishing cloth to restore the luster of the metal. Titanium tends to get darker over time and not much can be done about it. Despite the rigid nature of this metal, you need to avoid rough surfaces. It can scratch the surface of your jewelry and leave behind marks.


Ceramic pieces of jewelry aren’t very commonly used. It might even be your first time hearing about this material being used in jewelry. Ceramic is used these days to create flat pendants. You might have one lying around in your collection without even knowing it. Ceramic generally doesn’t need much maintenance when it comes to cleaning. Since it isn’t a metal, it doesn’t tend to react with the moisture in the air.

If you still would like to clean it, use a diluted detergent solution. It will take off any dirt and grease off it easily. When dealing with ceramic jewelry, you must keep in mind they are fragile. Think of the mugs you have in your house, they shatter when they come in contact with the floor!

Sterling silverPicture4

Sterling silver is a more rigid form of silver that has been made to increase the longevity of jewelry. Sterling silver is one of the most commonly worn by men. It requires little maintenance and is perfect for daily wear.  Over time, moisture and dirt can take away some of its shine but it is easy to restore.

Whitening toothpaste does a marvelous job at cleaning out sterling silver. Use a soft bristle brush, some warm water, and toothbrush to scrub away the dirt. Your sterling silver pieces will be good as new in no time!

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