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Ice Cream Sandwich: 5 Icy Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Have you thought of a duo so dynamic, that it waters your mouth and freezes your brain at the same time? Well you haven’t someone else did, ICE CREAM – SANDWICH is a creamy delight that combines two of the most delicious things in the world, cookies and ice cream.

Sandwiches are easy to make and eat; they have a short prep time and can be tweaked with as many ingredients as you want. Starting your day with a scoop full of ice cream sandwiched in crispy cookies, is definitely the right way to kill the summer heat. But for cool-crunchy results you need to avoid following mistakes.

Bendy Cookies

baking supplies onlineThe ‘bun’ aka the ‘cookie’ needs to be a little chewy. Generally, cookies have a texture to absorb any kind of filling, but in order to get better results, it’s necessary that your sandwich holds it structure. Under-bake cookies, if you are preparing a batch at home.

Semi-cooked cookies are easier to bend and chew, which means you will have a great sandwich making experience. Just be gentle while scooping ice cream and pressing it together.

On the other hand, if you are dealing with a crispy batch of cookies, keep them in the freezer for a while before you make a sandwich. Cookies will soak up the moisture from the cool environment and soften a little bit.

Hard Like Pebbles

Adding chocolate chips to the mix of cookies and ice cream seems like a wise decision, but here is the drawback. Chocolate chip becomes hard as a rock when it freezes, and chewing them can be hard on your teeth. If you are true chocolate chip lover, go for it, but it’s better to opt for cookies with no-chips or smaller-chips.

Prep Before You Ice

Ice cream melts easily. Prepare the cookies before taking the ice cream out of the freezer.

Assembling, cutting and scooping takes up a lot of time. To avoid melting, arrange same-sized cookies in a tray ready to be scooped.

Ice-WrapsOnline Chocolate Shop California

Ice cream will melt out of the cookies even after you put them in the freezer.

Many people use waxed paper to separate layers of sandwiches, but this doesn’t keep the sandwich from turning into a messy blob.

Wrap each of the sandwiches in a separate waxed-paper parchment to maintain its structure, for more support secure the parchment with a rubber band as well. You can also use plastic wraps, but it’s not appealing to the eyes.

Work in Batches

You have a short time frame to make sure that semi-melted sandwiches make it back to the freezer. Therefore, work in small batches and be quick. Keep the ice cream firm by placing it in a bowl full of ice, but keep in mind melting is inevitable; so be quick.

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