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Hunting Gear: What Do I Carry Apart from my Gun?

Millions in the US take part in hunting expeditions for sport or hobby every year in the US, according to statistics. Where a seasoned hunter would know exactly how to gear up and prepare for an upcoming hunting excursion, those new to the sport or just figuring out if or not it is for them, might need some help.

More than just your Rifle (or shotgun)!

It is important to remember that hunting is about more than just marksmanship. There are other elements to the sport that determine the success of your hunting excursions. These include stealth, smarts, preparation and patience among others.

How prepared you are in particular can determine how well your hunting trip will go. When we say preparation, we’re not just talking about keep your rifle (or shotgun) serviced and ready. We’re talking about packing the right gear and equipment to help ensure your hunting excursion goes uninterrupted and as hassle free as possible.

Though what you take along on your hunt may sometimes vary depending on the time of the year, day and other geographical factors, here are a few things that are needed across the board.


This one’s a bare necessity. If you’re going for a trip outdoors, hunting included, make sure you carry enough water with you. Keep in mind the weather when deciding how much water you should take as you might need to carry more on days or to locations where it may be hotter.

Apart from carrying fresh water, it helps to carry other emergency items such as water purification tablets or filter straws for instance. You’re bound to get thirsty when you’re out hunting and being dehydrated will really be no help!

First Aid

First Aid

Once again, first aid supplies are essential whenever you travel outdoors; however, these are of utmost importance if you’re going out hunting. Apart from basic first aid supplies such as bandages, antiseptic and disinfectant sprays among others, it is important to carry some advanced first aid supplies as well.

Items such as quick-clot are useful in case of serious injuries that may sometimes happen by accident!


No hunting pack would be complete without a sturdy knife or hunting dagger. Apart from cutting rope, a good hunting knife will help you make quick work of skinning and cleaning up your animal if needed.

Emergency/Overnight Items

Emergency items are the sort you may not always use but are useful to have on you. These include things like all purpose matches or a lighter, a flash light, a survival blanket and rain gear. Having these items is usually a blessing in emergency situations!

Garbage Bags

Garbage bags are useful both to pack away what you have hunted and to clean up the site or area you have used. Having a few of these on your person is always helpful.

Range Finder

Hunting laws are becoming stricter. You don’t want to do something unethical or illegal. The range finder is a helpful tool here as it helps you determine the distance of your prey. That way, if it’s out of the legal zone, you can let it be and walk away feeling like a true responsible American!

Game Call

You have different game calls designed to mimic the sounds of different animals. If you know what you’re hunting, having one of these can actually increase your chances of attracting prey!

Hunting License

Finally, this one’s a no-brainer but don’t forget to pack that hunting license. Those papers are what set you apart from any old poacher so make sure you have them on your person throughout that trip!

Winding Down

If you’re not sure where to purchase some of the items on that list, you have numerous well reputed online hunting stores serving customers in the US. Many of these offer customers a full range of hunting gear, ammo and other items for sale over the internet.

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