Maternity Wardrobe

How to Build a Maternity Wardrobe on a Budget

Pregnancy is an exciting time in your life (especially the first one) and you have to resist the urge of stuffing your wardrobe with maternity clothes. Maternity clothes are different to the rest of your wardrobe; you can’t wear them over and over again to get your money’s worth nor can you keep packing them ‘until next year’ like you do with seasonal clothes.

Of course, when you have the budget, you don’t have to worry about looking great in maternity clothes; It’s a little harder on a budget though.

To save the costs of spending on maternity wardrobe, many women make the mistake of purchasing larger sizes of regular clothes or stuffing their closets with stretchy sweatpants.

Take a look at these tips:

1) Invest in basics

Basic items consist of simple t-shirts, tank tops and jeans that you will wear a lot. Purchase a collection of high-quality t-shirts and tank tops that won’t wear out easily; they will work with any type of bottoms.

The waistband on your maternity jeans may make you cringe when you first see them but you’ll learn to love them as your pregnancy progresses. Jeans are comfortable and they go with everything. Two pairs of jeans will be more than enough for your pregnancy.

2) Buy on sale

Stores do place discounts on maternity wear just like they do with other clothing items. Plan ahead to make the most of sales. If your baby is due in the summer then buy yourself cute maxi dresses on sale during the winter.

3) Shop your closet

You are bound to have clothes that still fit so look into your closet to see what clothes you can still slip into. Maxi-dresses, loose t-shirts and cardigans could still fit you.

4) Borrow clothes

Borrow clothes from friends and family members that were previously pregnant. People are usually more than happy to share or give away their maternity wear.

If you’re not keen on borrowing clothes from others then take a look at Maternity Wear. Maternity Wear is an online store that provides expecting mothers with a selection of affordable maternity clothes for all occasions. Their assortment consists of tops, bottoms and dresses for casual wear, evening wear and office wear as well.

All their clothes are available in a range of sizes, including small, tall and maternity plus.

Visit Maternity Wear and take advantage of their items on sale!

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