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How to Be a Metrosexual Millennial

For a long time, men’s fashion stayed within certain parameters; simple cuts, dark colors, no embellishments, vibrancy, and flashiness – anything that would make these clothes look hyper-masculine. This was the fashion that men had to keep up with.

However, as time’s gone by, we’ve seen a sudden shift.

Colors have become more saturated and brighter, risks are being taken with design, men are becoming aware that you don’t need to hold on to supposed factors of hypermasculinity to exude your manliness. Instead, you can be enlightened, and confident in your choices. You can be fashionably aware. You can be metrosexual!

Being a Modern Man – Dressing Like a Metrosexual

A metrosexual man – especially a metrosexual millennial – understands how important appearance and self-care is. They take pride in their look and put some thought into their wardrobe because they know how important every factor of their attire can be.

Typically, a metrosexual millennial’s wardrobe contains the following items:


Formal occasions call for a suit, not just a pair of well-cut pants with an open-collar slim fit non-iron shirt. Charcoal, blue and other deeper shades work well, whether you’re going for a semi-formal suit or a sharp cut ensemble for a formal event.

Button-Down Shirts

Most men already have button-down shirts. But metrosexual men will always have a well-cut shirt that offers a slim fit. White shirts are a must, though it is better to have a selection of colors that fit well with different styles of suits. Stores such as Mark Fred offer a variety of slim fit non-iron men’s dress shirts online just for such occasions.


The main goal for a metrosexual man is to achieve style through simplicity. Not many shirts let men pay homage to their favorite sports jeans, but only a few shirts in solid colors can do the job well.


Of course, jeans are a no-brainer. There is usually a selection of a few pairs; some for going out, others for wearing around the house. They mix well with t-shirts, sweaters, and coats, which brings us to…

Sweaters and Coats

Crewneck, pullovers, and turtlenecks are all popular. However, in design, you’ll only find some that are bold and vibrant. Instead, you’d see simple colors and a soft finish. For coats, they would be short and fitted and made from leather or suede to fit the rest of their fashion choices.


Like dress-shirts, dress pants are a necessity. A metrosexual man would only have a few pairs though. Straight cut with no pleating, these pants in neutral colors like black and blue would be more than enough.


The average person would have a substantial collection of accessories like wallets and sunglasses, but they’d focus more on matching the straps on their watches with men’s leather belts and shoes as well to accomplish an overall coherent look.

As you see, a metrosexual would do his best to be fashionably conscious. By following their footsteps, you too can present your best self. All you need is the right store, a good fashion sense and you too will be an enlightened male of the 21st century!

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