Hoodies vs. Sweatshirts: What’s the Difference?

Few clothing items have gained as much popularity as the humble hoodie and statement sweatshirts. Striking a chord with both men and women across the world, these clothing items, formerly reserved for lazy weekends and gym-wear, have transformed into a true fashion statement.

But a lot of people get confused between the two sartorial choices. Hoodies and sweatshirts may seem like they’re the same, but they’re actually not that similar at all.

While they share many similar merits when it comes to comfort, warmth, and style; they also differ in various other aspects. Read on to find the difference between the two.


Sweatshirts are usually long-sleeved and worn as a pullover garment. They can either be worn as a standalone item or they can be layered. You can pair it up with a shirt underneath or a scarf on top. Since sweatshirts are a pullover, they don’t feature any additions such as zippers, hook, or buttons. Sweatshirts can be mistaken for a sweater but they’re made of a lighter fabric, usually of cotton.

Sweatshirts used to be associated with sports apparel and were worn with sweatpants because of its ability to absorb sweat, hence the name. But they have found their way into the fashion market and have become a part of everyday-wear and casual non-sports outfits.



A hoodie is a jacket or a sweatshirt with a hood attached at the back. It’s basically a variation of a sweatshirt as its full form is called a “hooded sweatshirt.” While hoodies and sweatshirts are both usually oversized, heavy, and collarless; a hoodie has a few additions, namely a hood and strings to adjust the hood’s tightness. Hoodies also tend to have pockets, either multiple or single, while sweatshirts usually don’t have any.

The design of hoodies finds its origin in the religious attire of priests and medieval monks. Over the years, hoodies became a popular clothing article, associated with a lot of subcultures, such as Goths and skateboarders.

A hoodie came to be associated with mystery, suspicion, and anonymity. But since then, hoodies have entered the mainstream fashion scene and have become fashionable casual, street-smart attire. Hoodies can work great as sportswear, casual-trendy, and if styled right, it can be worn as part of a dressy look as well.

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