Here’s Why Classic Watches Will Never Be Old

Everyone has a timepiece or two that have been passed down for generations. Your great-grandfather may have owned a watch that your family insists on keeping. Sentimental reasons aside, is there any real value to keeping pre owned luxury watches? Aren’t they outdated? Isn’t it better to sell them?

Vintage jewelry commonly triggers debates in families. Is it really worth holding on to?

When it comes to watches, the answer is yes!

Unlike old necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc., old watches never really go out of style. There really wouldn’t be much of a difference between your great grandad’s luxury watch and the watch you gifted your dad last Christmas.

Let’s take a look at why classic watches will never get old:

1. They Work With Everything

Let’s face it, we don’t really use watches to check the time anymore, we use them to make a fashion statement. Classic watches have traditional shapes and designs that work with all outfits. Their elegance and timeless appeal looks great under the cuffs of a business suit and when you’re out for your morning jog as well.

2. They Add to Our Style

Will James Bond have the same effect on-screen in a pair of jeans and an Apple Watch? Definitely not!

Classic watches have forever been ingrained in our brains by cultural icons like Bond and many others who are known for their impeccable fashion sense.

3. They Depict Class


Back in the day, only the wealthy were able to afford a watches. Even with all the technological innovations in the market, we continue to be drawn to the elegant timepieces of Rolex, Patek Phillipe, Cartier, etc.

These watches may not offer the technological functions of an Apple Watch, but they do represent affluence, class, and good taste.

The reason some old watchmakers have lasted for centuries is that their watches and brands have always been treated as status symbols in society.

Tech giants can continue to churn out digital watches, but they won’t have the vintage appeal and history of renowned watchmakers.

4. They Don’t Need to be Changed

It all boils down to functionality and style. Typically, classic luxury watches do not need to be changed. They feature the best mechanical engineering which ensures they keep ticking; they’re also made of robust materials that do not wear out over time.

With that being said, even the best of watches require maintenance. If you own a luxury watch, make it a point to have it maintained so it continues to work and shine like it did when you first got it.

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