Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Just Buy Any Pen as a Gift

Historically, a pen is one of the most important inventions. Ancient Egyptians invented the pen to write on papyrus scrolls. It also makes a great personal and corporate gift choice.

However, there’s an art to gifting a pen. If done right, it can be one of the best gifts someone has ever received. If not, it’ll be a cheap and forgettable gift that leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

Just like any other gift, it’s all about how much thought and effort you put into choosing the pen. Here’s why you shouldn’t just purchase any pen when gifting it.


Quality of the Pen

When it comes to purchasing pens, there is a wide range of qualities available. There are pens designed to last a few days and there are others that last decades; passed on from generation to generation.

When purchasing a pen as a gift, quality is perhaps the most important factor that needs consideration. Gifting a pen of good quality and build will leave a lasting impression.

The grip of the Pen

An often overlooked factor, the grip can make or break the experience of using a pen. You may sometime not like using a particular pen but don’t quite know why. It’s often because the pen may not be easy to grip.

Pens with thicker barrels are easier to grip for larger hands. For smaller hands, a slimmer barrel does the trick. Make sure you pick a pen while keeping the recipient’s hands in mind.

Usage of the Pen

Considering where and how often the pen will be used is also essential. For example, a customized pen may not always be a good idea. A pen with a very visible engraving makes for a great personal gift but the recipient may not feel very comfortable pulling it out at their work.

For corporate environments, it’s all about a pen that commands respect. The person will only be using it to sign or getting documents signed. In such situations, it’s all about making a strong impression in a short time.

On the other hand, if the recipient is of the academic background, the pen will be used a lot so it’s all about the comfort and grip.



The material of the pen is a good indicator of pen’s caliber. Pens, made of stainless steel or aluminum, are durable and withstand the test of time.

Another popular option that’s really hot these days is the handcrafted wood pen. These pens exude class and sophistication—an ideal gift.

JRLWoodCreation is an online gift store making waves because of their collection of handcrafted products, specifically pens.

You can pick from a large assortment of stylish and classy designs such as the Accord pen and European style pen. Select the wood you like and customize the color and texture. You can even get names, initials, dates or messages engraved.

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