Baby’s Bath Time

Here’s What You Need for Your Baby’s Bath Time

In many ways, babies behave like cats.

They scream bloody murder at times, even when there’s nothing to be upset about, they sleep an inordinate amount of time, and many hate bath time.

Yet, bath time must be had. So how do you make it bearable, nay, enjoyable?

Here are some things you will need!

What to Add to Your Baby’s Bath Time to make it Enjoyable

A Warm Embrace

If your baby is a little iffy being alone in the tub, this might help them relax. Babies like to be held so they can feel secure and safe. Holding them while bathing them will relax them more. Just be sure to add a small amount of water in the tub, and place a slip guard inside and outside the tub, as well as a towel.

Bath Toys

Children love bath toys for a reason. Colorful and useful, these toys are great creative stimulants. They’re also good distractions. Buy several types of bath toys such as bath crayons, singing toys and the classic rubber ducks.


Even the grumpiest of child will love bubbles. When using any product though, make sure it isn’t too harsh on the skin. Use a wash cloth first and dilute the liquid in the water, using the cloth to rub at your little one’s skin. If there’s no reaction (redness, rashes) then it’s safe to use.

A Routine

This will help in more ways than you may think. You need to teach your little one about routines and how they should expect a bath during the day. This will help them relax and look forward to the time. Give your little one a bath at the same time each day, preferably before milk and bed time.

A Good Bath Tub

A bath tub can make all the difference. Instead of using the same plastic tub that our parents used (or worse, the sink!), buy a proper bath tub that’s designed to make bath time easier. Companies that offer affordable baby products like Genio Baby also stock adorable flower bath tubs that are soft and cushy, and so much more comfortable and safe for your little one than the hard plastic tubs.

Bath time can be trying at the start. But stay determined! Follow the above tips, buy that flower bath tub, bring in the bubbles and get ready to get splashed!

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