Herb 101: 5 Strains You Just Need to Try!

Ever since the legalization of cannabis in Canada and the U.S., growers and cultivators have had the freedom to really work on and perfect their crops. One article published in Global News online elaborates how simply knowing whether the herb you’re smoking is sativa or indica in this day and age just isn’t enough.

What with the hundreds of new strains hitting the market, hybrids included, there is a whole lot out there for today’s cannabis smokers to choose from.

Strains you Just Need to Try

Among the many strains hitting the market today, there are some that are – dare we say; absolutely phenomenal. Even if you’re a seasoned smoker whose relationship with the herb goes all the way back to when Mexican Sensimilla was the best thing available, some of the strains mentioned here are well work your attention!

Godfather OG

If you’ve had the pleasure of smoking OG Kush you’ll know that cannabis from the OG family is pretty potent! Godfather OG, however, is arguably one of the most potent strains available in the world today. With THC levels at times hitting the 35% mark this strain provides a powerful head high followed up by a body buzz relaxing enough to knock you right out. Better yet, we’re talking earthy and leafy with a hint of grape by way of flavor! This strain is often a go to for pain relief as well as for those suffering from insomnia.

Island Sweet-Skunk

If you’re on the Canadian side of the border, Island Sweet-Skunk might be worth a try. Moving away from the heavy and relaxing affect of the latter, Island Sweet-Skunk offers smokers a more energetic and uplifting high. Due to this, it is medically recommended to those suffering from depression as well as those battling fatigue! It is even said by some to improve focus but we wouldn’t go there just yet. In any case, with a taste blend somewhere between skunk and candy and tropical flavorings, this strain is surely worth a try.

Blue Coma

Another rare strain yet well worth smoking at least once in your life is Blue Coma. This strain is a hybrid though the dominant characteristics here are those of a sativa. Recommended to help those struggling with anxiety as well as those suffering from PTSD among other medical concerns, this strain gets its name from the intense high produced.

Offering relaxing, calming and almost trance-like effects and a citrusy flavor, this strain is a must have on your bucket list.

Lemon Haze

When it comes to strain perfection, there are few out there that trump good old Lemon Haze. This strain is recommended to people suffering from depression, reduced appetite and stress, due to its generally pleasant and positive effects.

Further, with a sweet lemony flavor, this strain is extremely easy to smoke. Don’t get us wrong though, smoke a joint of this to yourself and we’re certain you’ll be pretty blasted – in a good way!

Purple Grape

Last but not least on our list is purple grape. This high THC hybrid strain is extremely potent and unlike many other strains does not creep up on you. The high almost hits you in the face when smoked and is described as extremely relaxing and euphoria inducing.

Offered to help with depression as well as trouble sleeping, this strain with its strong grape flavor and brilliant body and mind high is the last we’re going to leave you with.

There are More


Remember, we’re not saying the strains here are the be all and end all of cannabis today. We’re just saying that if you haven’t already tried those listed here, go get some, load up that pipe or bong and give them a whirl!

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