Healthy Toking: 3 Things you should do to Make Sure your Habit Doesn’t Become Unhealthy

There is a saying attributed to the Buddha; something about achieving balance and how in balance one may find the way forward. The quote makes a comparison to the tuning of a stringed instrument. Where over tightening the string causes it to snap, leaving it too slack means that it will not be able to emit sound. Perfection is found somewhere in between!

Though this blog isn’t about finding balance in all aspects of life broadly speaking, it is about finding a balance with regard to one particular aspect. Your toking habit! Where more seasoned and older smokers might have already found that balance between cannabis smoking, day to day functionality and health, there are many (usually younger) who may not have.

Making Sure your Habit Doesn’t Become Unhealthy

In the past few years, it has been proven time and again that cannabis use, even if regular is not particularly harmful if done in moderation. The question is, what is moderation? What is safe use and how does one ensure that a casual smoking habit does not take a turn for the worst? Let’s find out!

You Do You

One of the mistakes that many smokers make in their early days of cannabis smoking is that they set their pace according to the people they are smoking with. The thing is, we’re all built differently and have different thresholds and capacities when it comes to smoking.

Understand how much smoking works for you perfectly. See if you reach a point beyond which smoking does not do much to get you high but seems more like going through the motions. That’s probably your cut off. Understand your cut off and smoke accordingly. Don’t take your cues from the next person. They aren’t you!

Clock It and Stock It


The next thing you want to do is clock your smoking. Sure there are some of us who smoke more in the day than others. At the same time, becoming everyone’s ‘go to’ person for company on a spliff break isn’t really in your best interest!

It helps to be clear on how much you need to smoke in the day and when. Apart from that, you may also allow some deviation to accommodate friends or other situations that don’t coincide with your smoking schedule. Finally, make sure you have your own stash so you’re never in a situation where you need to go out of schedule because someone else is sharing their supply!

This should in a sense help you both moderate and regulate your smoking!

Don’t Fall for Stereotypes

The stereotypical pothead image fueled by the kind of propaganda that became popular during Regan’s war on drugs paints those who smoke cannabis as lazy, unmotivated, lethargic and slow. Don’t fall for that and by no means internalize it!

You wouldn’t toss your life out the window just because you take a few cups of tea or coffee in the morning would you? At the same time, you would not spend your days drinking your hot beverage of choice and doing nothing else! It’s the same here. Once you clock your smoking, use your time to involve yourself in other things. Pursue interests and hobbies, have a social life, get some exercise and get out there to do the things you would whether or not you smoked!


Winding Down

If you were to look at the suggestions above, they all relate to finding balance and getting organized in a sense. It may take a degree of self-discipline to see these thing through but trust us; you will be the better for it.

Schedule your smoking, keep stocked, don’t smoke more than your body says you need to and make sure not to neglect other aspects of life whether, professional, educational, emotional or physical. Do this and there is no way you’ll roll into an unhealthy relationship with your cannabis smoking.

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