Gun Basics: What You Need To Know

Most firearms have core the 5 components called muzzle, breech, hammer, magazine, and trigger. The classification and operation of firearms depends on these working parts.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a hunting enthusiast taking their first steps in to the world of firearms or a veteran who could do with a little refresher.

This post is a must-read for all those with a healthy interest in firearms.

Get ready to learn all about the basic anatomy of a gun.

1. Muzzle

The muzzle is the business end of a gun. It’s the opening on a firearm where the projectile emerges. Early firearms were called ‘muzzle-loading’ guns as the limited technology only allowed a gun to be loaded using a muzzle.

2. Breech

Thanks to the developments in technology, things are a lot different today. The breech is the back end of a gun which can be used to load ‘breech-loading’ firearms.

3. Hammer

This is the part of the firearm which ignites the powder to make contact with the bullet and propel it out the muzzle. The hammer is located on the outside of the firearm in some rifles and handguns. In some pistols, shotguns and most rifles the hammer is internal.

A firing pin might be used in some guns instead of the hammer.  In such cases, the hammer doesn’t directly contact the bullet’s primer but drives the firing pin forward. A round is fired when the pin strikes the primer.

4. Magazine

The magazine is a container with a spring-operated component. It comes in both fixed and detachable options and is used to hold the cartridges for re-firing.

5. Trigger

Perhaps the most well-known part of a gun, the trigger is used to file the round.

The hammer has to be pulled in to position—or cocked—to pull back the trigger in single action revolvers.

In such types of firearms, the trigger releases the hammer so that a shot is fired.

With other guns, the hammer is cocked and released simultaneously when the trigger is pulled.

This is considered double action and is another way to initiate the firing process.

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