Traveling with Weaves

Your Guide to Traveling with Weaves

Planning to take a trip to Hawaii with your significant other this summer?

Traveling, whether it’s for work or leisure, can strain the health of your hair. It’s difficult to follow an extensive hair care routine when you’re constantly on the move. Weaves, much like your natural hair, need extra care during travel, in order to stay in good shape.

Combat bad hair days by packing the following weave care essentials in your traveling bag.

Weave-Friendly Brush

Frequent brushing is the key to keeping your weave looking fresh throughout your travel. Brushing your weave will keep it tangle-free, which will prevent unwanted breakage that may occur otherwise.

Clarifying Shampoo

Weave wearers traveling to humid regions should always carry a clarifying shampoo with them. Elevated temperature can cause the buildup of sweat and dirt in your scalp, which can lead to irritation. Accumulation of sweat and dirt can also lead to matting of hair at the roots.

Wash your weave with a clarifying shampoo at least 3 times a week on your trip to ensure your hair are completely clean.

Anti-Frizz Spray

Just like your natural hair, weaves too can get frizzy when exposed to high levels of humidity. This happens because humid air widens the cuticles of hair, which enables the moisture to escape. Consequently, your hair becomes unusually frizzy. In some cases, exposure to dry, chilly air can also lead to unwanted frizz. Pack an anti-frizz spray and apply it on your hair before heading out.

Oil Treatment

Oils can work wonders for your weave. Argan oil, for example, has high levels of vitamin E which adds shine and luster to your hair. The oil isn’t too dense, so you can carry it with you practically anywhere. Purchase a small, travel size bottle of Argan oil to take with you on your trip, so you can nourish your hair on the go.

Dry Shampoo

Let’s face it; you won’t always have time to wash your hair on your trip. That’s why a pack of dry shampoo should also be on your list of travel essentials. Dry shampoo has the ability to soak up the unwanted oil present around your roots and make your hair appear freshly washed.

Before you head out of town, make sure you visit your hair weave specialist to ensure that your weave is travel ready. Those based in Catonsville, Maryland can contact Hair Weaves and Extensions, one of the leading weave hair salons in the state offering comprehensive hair weave care solutions at affordable rates.

Contact their representatives at 410-744-4900 or to schedule a consultation.

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