A Guide To Bullets: Types, Sizes & Calibers

What bullet size should I get?”

This might be a dreaded question—coupled with a few more about the right type and caliber—for some people shopping for a suitable gun.

This guide will help you gain basic understanding of the most common bullet types, sizes and calibers.

Bullet Types

The three most common types of bullets include:

· Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)

FMJ is one of the most popular types of bullets available today. It consists of a metal core encapsulated in a second, harder metal casing. The first core is usually made with lead while the second is copper. These bullets can have a pointy, round or flat appearance with small wound channels that go through a target.

· Hollow Point (HP)

This type of bullet is designed to expand upon impact. So, their stopping power makes them ideal for use by police officers, in home defense guns, and in concealed weapon carriers.

· Open-Tip

Open-tip bullets resemble hollow points in appearance as they both have a top opening. However, they differ in their core manufacturing processes. Unlike a HP, the openings in an open-tip are too small to properly expand.

They are also the opposite of FMJs. Full Metal Jackets are made from small-sized copper cups and the tip of the bullet is filled by the bottom of these cups. In the case of open-tips, the bottom of the cups fills the bottom of the bullet instead of the tip.

Bullet Size & Calibers

This is a vast topic, but you should know the most popular—and fairly controversial—bullet sizes and calibers.

· .22 Long Rifle (LR)

This is a highly common caliber as far as units sold go. The ‘twenty-two’ denotes the internal diameter of the long rifle’s barrel. .22 LR provides mild shooting in rifles and pistols alike. This is because the re-coil is minimal—which makes it great for starter rounds for beginners.

· .25 Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP)

This caliber is slightly larger in size than the .22 caliber and more powerful—but not my much. Several guns use this ammo size because of the reliability of its center-fire casings. .25 ACP bullets also have slightly more stopping power.

· .380 ACP


If you’re looking for a more beefy size of bullet, this one is your best bet. It is also known as 9mm Short and is great for a carry weapon. It is however, fairly low power due to the nature of the bullet.

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