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Your Guide to Brushing Hair Extensions

Can’t seem to get enough of your brand new hair extensions?

Now that you’ve got the locks you always wanted, it’s time to work on developing a rigorous hair extension care routine to keep them healthy and damage free for a long period. Hair extensions, much like your real hair, are prone to knots and tangles, and need to be brushed regularly to minimize the possibility of breakage.

However, as aggressive brushing can weaken extension bonds, you might have to upgrade your brushing technique to protect your hair extensions.

Follow this quick guide for safe hair extension brushing and care.

Step#1: Dry Your Hair


Before we dive into the details of the brushing process, it’s important to mention that extensions can be brushed under both wet and dry conditions. However, brushing wet hair isn’t typically recommended as it can be rough on the strands.

Ensure that your extensions are completely or partially dry, before you begin combing through them. You can choose to use either a blow-drier for drying hair extensions, or allow them to air dry on their own.

Step#2: Pull Hair to One Side


Hair extensions are either taped in, sewed, glued or micro linked. The bonds are placed near the scalp and can lose their integrity if pulled aggressively.

To prevent that from happening, the first step to brushing dry hair extensions should be to gather your hair to either side of your shoulders and hold them around your neck’s base in the form of a low ponytail.

Step#3: Bottom to Top Strategy

Wide-toothed combs or extension-friendly looper brushes are typically recommended for those with hair extensions as they don’t tug on hair and remove knots with ease. Start detangling from the tips of your hair and work your way upward. This’ll enable you to remove tangles more efficiently and will also prevent breakage which may occur otherwise.

Step#4: Use your fingers

Once you’re done detangling, run your fingers through your hair to remove any missed knots and tangles. This step also helps double-check if any bonds or weft tracks have been damaged during brushing.

Step#5: After-care

If your natural hair is frizzy, consider applying a leave-in conditioner or anti-frizz spray after your brushing routine to keep the frizz under control. You can also consider carry an extension-friendly brush in your bag to carry out quick touch-ups throughout the day.

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