Golf 101: 3 Things To Practice To Improve Your Mental Game

“You can do this!”

“Just try harder.”

“You have what it takes to make it!”

These phrases are probably familiar because we’ve used them to push past our limits a thousand times.

So many people believe that taking up a sport means you need to be in shape. They believe that you have to be able to endure physical obstacles in order to get ahead. While this is true to some extent, your mental state also plays an important role in your success.

This is especially true for a sport like golf. If you can’t concentrate, your aim will suffer. If you have a lot on your mind, you won’t be able to focus properly and position the club.

With that in mind, here are a couple of ways you can improve your mental game and improve your overall performance:

Visualize Success


While you can’t predict the future, you can set yourself up for success. When you’re on the course, make sure to visualize success. This will instantly improve your mood and help you think of positive thoughts.

When you bring yourself down by saying, “I can’t do it,” you’re setting yourself up for failure. Negative thoughts not only impact your performance, they lower your self-esteem.

Visualize yourself winning. Plan out your every move like you’re directing a movie. Even if you lose, you’ll feel much better about the next game than telling yourself, “I KNEW I couldn’t do it!”

Discipline Yourself

It’s easy to say but remember that golf is all about individual shots. You’re playing alone and you’re a one-man/woman team. You need to learn how to concentrate on the goal.

Disciplining your mind is extremely important. Here are a few things you should when you’re on the field:

  • Analyze everything and calculate the distance of the shot
  • Visualize your shot
  • Breathe in and out to relax your muscles
  • Position yourself correctly and think before you strike
  • Remain calm if you don’t make the shot

The last one is extremely important because anger and frustration can impact your performance. Remember that golf is a sport and it’s important to enjoy the game more than anything else!

Dress Accordingly

Your attire also impacts your mental state and performance. It’s not just to make you look attractive on the course. If your shirt is too tight or you’re wearing loose shoes, it’ll hamper your success on the course.

When you feel confident, you’ll automatically get into the zone and play your best.

When you’re comfortable in the clothes you wear, you’ll be able to bring your A-game to the field. This will allow you to improve your performance significantly.

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