Pre-Wedding Shenanigans

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – Perfect Wear for Your Pre-Wedding Shenanigans!

Are you in search of the perfect gift for your bridesmaids?

There is a whole world of choices out there. But there is one gift that will please them, provide many years of wear, and add major personality to your pre-wedding proceedings.

Of course, we are talking about our exquisite collection of cotton and satin floral robes for bridesmaids. These robes are uber trendy, very comfortable and affordable to boot.

Whether there are 5 people in your bridal party, or 15, you know that you can give them the perfect gift that they’ll remember forever.

These satin and cotton kimonos are light and feminine. We love our products, and are sure that our bridesmaids will adore them too!

Bridesmaid Floral Robes – Glamour for Parlors and Pictures!

We promise you and your bridal party are going to look stunning when getting ready for the event!

Each of these can be monogrammed. Add special packaging or gift bags and give these out to your favorite girls on the big day. Then sit back, relax and get your makeup done, while you watch them prance around in these cozy, comfy and pretty robes.

If you are getting married during hot temperate weather, we suggest buying the soft cotton bridesmaids’ robes. And if the temperature isn’t an issue or maybe you’ll be staying inside under the AC, the silky robes are perfectly luxurious and a great addition to the day’s proceedings.

Also, don’t forget to snag the perfect floral satin silk robe for yourself. These will look great in the pre-wedding photo shoot too.

These Bridesmaid’s Robes Are Our Specialty

In addition to being colorful, these robes are also quite practical. Your getting ready bridal photos will look exquisite because our satins robes for bridesmaids and brides will add class and color. Simply head on over to our online store and check out the range of fabrics and variety of lengths you can select from.

It is extremely important that you get the perfect robe/kimono for each member of your wedding party. This will ensure that pictures come out truly cohesive and beautiful. The way we make these robes, you can rest assured that these will fit everyone perfectly well. The free size/ regular size bridal robes will look good across the board. That’s a promise!

You can buy the cotton floral robes here. Or get the silk floral robes here.

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