Gifts You Need to Plan that Perfect Proposal

Proposing has become an art in itself.

You can choose to propose mid-air while skydiving with your beloved, or at a favorite childhood spot while sharing a hot dog. The only fact that’s truly important is that you present your love in a way that strikes your partner’s heart perfectly and makes them melt until they’re a mushy lump of happiness in your arms.

So how do you accomplish such a feat?

First, keep it all a secret. Next, follow the tips below to plan a memorable happy day!

Choose a Sentimental Location

This includes your home as well. A sentimental location needs to hold a sense of importance for you two. It could be the spot where you two first kissed, or went on your first date. Or even the place where you realized that you were in love with them. The setting should bring your relationship full-circle.

Use Music

Proposal GiftsImagine this scenario. Your partner wakes up to or hears the soft sounds of their favorite artist crooning away about a love life they wish they had.

They follow the sound to the location you’re at, and see you down on one knee.

That song is forever cemented as your song. Choose one that brings meaning to your relationship. The music genre is full of songs that touch all facts of life. Find one that sings true of your relationship.

Add a Gift

Sure, you’ll have a ton of photographs and gifts that would always remind you of your wedding, but what about your engagement memento?

The overall mood is romance, of course. Get your beloved something that reflects the occasion. Engraved wine glasses, a personalized wine bottle or a personalized wine gift set. Buy something that matches the moment and their taste. Personalized gifts online from sites such as Impression Personalized offer gorgeous gifts for him and her. Be wise in your purchase and get something that matters.

Speak from Your Heart

GiftsYou don’t have to be an experienced writer to write something from the heart. You may feel overwhelmed by the enormity of this happiness you’re feeling, so just let it flow over you.

You know your partner is the one. They’re your best friend and the first person you think of when you want to talk about your day. Their voice is enough to soothe your nerves and their laughter is enough to brighten your day. Talk about these moments. Sometimes, even the simplest statements can make an enormous impact.

Just look at them in the eye, take a deep breath, and let your words flow. Don’t read a written speech. Read from the heart.

Figure out the details, and plan everything out. Next, buy a ring. Make sure you know their size (enlist the help of their family or friends for this) and have a glance at their ring collection to know what style they’ll want. Then get ready. You’re popping the big question!

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