Wine Gifts

A Gift Guide for the Wine Connoisseur

A perfectly aerated bottle of wine, the smell heady against the spice and sweet of those delicious hors d’oeurves, and a good friend to share it with—what more could a wine lover want?

As someone who appreciates the finer things in love, your connoisseur friend considers their gifts to satisfy them on a different level. So a simple photo frame, a gift card or hug just won’t do.

Here, we present a list of gifts that oenophiles everywhere will appreciate.

š Personalized Wine Glasses

Whether it’s a pint glass or a tumbler, nothing says I love wine more than a personalized collection etched glass. Have them engraved with their initials or a simple quite from their favorite book or movie regarding food and wine. Personalized gifts like wine glasses and wine bottles make great keepsakes.

š Wine glassA Wine Scented Candle

There are so many sources online that offer personalized candles. Buy one that emits that special scent of their favorite wine, so the sultry fragrance surrounds them even when they’re not drinking any wine. Search for soy candles and be sure to read the reviews before you order.

š A Wine Fridge

Some wine is best served chilled. Why not buy a small affordable wine cooler to go with that bottle of white? Wine fridges keep the wine preserve and protected. So it would make a really thoughtful gift from you if you go all out and buy one!

š An Original Wine Tool Set

The right wine set consists of three essential tools; an intricate foil cutter, a bottle opener and an easy-to-use elegant wine stopper. You can buy wine kits from shops such as Impression Personalized online and have them engraved with their initials as well to give it that personal touch.

š A Classic Wine Decanter

Wine decanters are used to aerate large amounts of wine to improve their taste and the overall tasting experience. There are many options available; choose one that would look well when idle and even more beautiful when used.

š 5 Piece Wine Gift SetWine set

Well-designed and gorgeous to boot, wine gift sets from sites such as Impression Personalized include a wine aerator, a wine stopper, a foil cutter, a thermometer and a stainless steel corkscrew, all paired with two beautiful and elegant wine glasses. Encased in a soft-padded box made with cherry wood and rosewood finishing, this gift can also double as a romantic gesture, so choose wisely.

While an oenophile may be picky about their wine gifts, we’re sure this list will be enough to gratify even the most stubborn of wine lovers.

Get those gifts engraved, grab an extra personalized wine bottle and celebrate those happier occasions with liquid happiness and some giddy smiles!

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