Frozen Desserts

Fun Frozen Desserts For Summer

Summers calls for an icy-delight without breaking into a sweat, but how can one achieve the creamy thickness and the sweet melt-in-mouth flavor without using an oven? Be prepared to be amazed with the goodness of frozen desserts; now your taste buds can savor the rich taste without slaving over a hot oven. Here are some must-try frozen dessert recipes for you.

Berry Freeze

You can delve into the awesome flavors of strawberries within 15 minutes with help of this recipe, all you need is:


Graham crackers or Ahoy cookies (12 pieces)

Softened cream cheese (1 pack)

Sugar (1/2 cup)

Concentrated frozen berry extract (1 can, thawed)

Crushed and chopped strawberries (1 cup)

Whipped topping (1 cold tub, thawed)

Strawberries (2 cups, cut in half)


Take a 9 inch springform baking pan and arrange all the graham crackers or cookies. Prepare the batter, add sugar and cream cheese in a bowl and beat until the mixture is blended. Add berry extracts and crushed strawberries and mix. End it with whipped cream and mix until you get a completely blended batter. Pour the batter in the springform pan and let it freeze for 6 hours.

Cut whole strawberries in half and use them to decorate before serving. Take the pan out of the freezer 15 minutes before serving, so that it can soften up a little bit.

Oreo and Ice-Cream Sandwich Cake

Within 15 minutes, get ready to taste your new favorite dessert that has the two most popular ingredients in it, ice cream and Oreos. Here is what you need:Ice-Cream Sandwich Cake


Chocolate fudge ice cream for topping (warmed ½ cup)

Whipped crème topping (frozen, 1 tub)

Instant chocolate pudding (1 pack)

Chopped Oreos (2 Cups)

Ice-cream sandwiches (vanilla, 12)


Add warm fudge chocolate ice cream in a medium-sized bowl and whisk until properly blended. Add instant pudding mix (dry) into the bowl and mix it for 2 minutes. After this, add chopped Oreos into the mixture and fold.

Take a baking tray lined with waxed paper or foil, and arrange 4 of the vanilla ice cream sandwiches.

Layer them with half of the Oreo mixture, and add another layer of sandwiches and repeat the layering process. For final layering, use the frozen whipped cream, cover all three sides of your cake and use remaining crushed Oreos as toppings. Keep your master piece in the freezer for 4 hours and serve chill.

Frozen Soufflé

Soufflé is a no-stress dessert that is devoured by many. Serve your guests with this tempting delicacy in 15 minutes, here is what you need:Frozen Soufflé


Chocolate pudding mix (2 packs)

Chilled milk (3 cups)

Whipping Cream (chill, 2 cups)

Oreos (16 cookies chopped)

Maraschino Cherries (8)


Pour pudding mix and milk in a bowl and whisk for 2 minutes. Add whipped cream and stir. Layer paper cups with crushed Oreos and pudding mixture; make layers as per the length of the cups. Press the batter gently to eliminate any air pockets, cover and freeze for 5 hours.

Remove the cups from the freezer 15 minutes before serving them. Cut out the paper cup, plate the soufflé and arrange a cherry on top before serving.

Adopt a no-bake approach for your summer desserts; Divine Specialties has everything you need. An online chocolate shop California, offering wholesale sweets, chocolate and baking supplies online.

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