Floral Or Dewy—Choosing The Right Fragrances For Yourself!

Settling on the perfect perfume for you can take years! Everyone wants to smell amazing, but finding your signature scent isn’t easy.

With the perfume industry growing to be a multi-billion-dollar industry, there are hundreds of thousands of fragrances for you to choose from. And it’s important to get it right, because a good scent can uplift your mood and make you feel like a thousand bucks!

Discover the broad scent categories you like

When describing colors, there are a few broad categories you can use. Think of magenta; if you’re explaining it to someone you’d probably link it to a purple. Likewise, with a scent, there are certain categories they fall into.

Most perfume manufacturing companies list their fragrances according to the fragrance profile that best suits them. You must have heard the terms woody, floral, spicy, sweet, citrusy, and musky being used to describe a scent.

There can also be hybrid varieties of scents too, ones that incorporate two or more of the categories mentioned above. Have a whiff of perfumes from all the major categories, you will surely find at least one you find attractive.

Sample your way through

Taking the plunge and buying into any one perfume can be quite the commitment. Investing in samples of perfumes and eau de toilettes is a great idea. Often, we are drawn to a scent at the first spritz, but as the day goes on you don’t feel so strongly about it. Most companies do sample or travel size versions of their fragrances. Others do travel size kits of four or five of their scents too.

Stick to three or more scents when you go shopping

When trying out scents in store, don’t try on more than three fragrances. It can be very tempting to fill up the little spaces on your arm with a spritz of another perfume, but it’s not a good idea.

You’re only overloading your olfactory senses. This is the reason why there’s a bowl of coffee beans at every perfume counter. Coffee beans are the best way to clear the reminiscent scent of a perfume, clearing your senses for the next one.

When trying on perfumes, always get them sprayed on your pulse points. This gives you a true idea of what a certain fragrance will smell like on you. Your body’s pulse points are the wrists, sides of the neck, behind the ears, ankles, and knees.  Often, perfume is sprayed on the wrists when you visit stores and there is only so much wrist space you have. Limiting your fragrances to three will stop any mixing of fragrances.

Give it some time


Perfumes tend to react differently to every individual. The pH balance of your skin plays a vital role in how a perfume smells on you. In the bottle, it probably smells divine, but when it has settled into your skin, it probably doesn’t smell the same. Experts usually recommend customers try on a fragrance, give it a day, and then decide if they like it.

Other than reacting to your body, different notes in a fragrance tend to wear off. You will notice that the perfume you wore when you left for work smells different on day’s end.

The fragrance also won’t be as strong as before. Giving it time will tell you about the longevity of the perfume you have chosen too. You can then decide the right time for a top up.

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