Five Things You Need To Know About Smoking Cannabis

Numerous publications including the Vox magazine, published articles on the legalization of cannabis for both medicinal use as well as for recreation in numerous states across the US.

Even though there have been talks held, studies published and reports written on the benefits of marijuana use, there are many who seem stuck holding old and redundant ideas with regards to the same.

We’re talking about misconceptions from likening marijuana to harmful and hazardous narcotics like opium and heroin to denial about the fact that between alcohol and cannabis, cannabis is the lesser evil!

In response to this, we’re hoping to use this guest post to enlighten our readers a little with regard to marijuana as well as its use and benefits.

Five Things You Need to Know

There are a few points with regard to marijuana that we feel everyone should know. Though the overall benefits of the herb are well in excess of the number stated here, we’re going to go over five key pointers we feel are of particular importance.


Pain and Spasms

Sure there are a number of areas where the effective medicinal use of marijuana is yet being debated. That being said, there is no doubt, medically or otherwise about how beneficial marijuana can be for patients suffering from chronic pain as well as muscle spasms.

Marijuana treatment for both has proved effective even where other allopathic alternatives fell short.

Prevention of Cancer Spread

Though this is still being researched in living humans, science has already proven that cannabis and its active ingredients are a massive deterrent to cancer cells. Though this has been highly effective under lab conditions, there is still debate about its extension as a main stream treatment. Even so, marijuana is prescribed to numerous cancer patients the world over!

PTSD and Anxiety

If taken under supervision, marijuana is known to have helped alleviate symptoms of both PTSD and chronic anxiety in many cases. Though there are times when people do not respond to it, the herb has little to no negative side effects with regards to the same.

Creative Thinking

In smaller functional doses, marijuana is a brilliant way to spark the creative part of your mind. It can be helpful with artistic blocks, open you to the possibility of new ideas and paradigms and offer perspective you might have not had previously.

Lung Capacity

This one is a real shocker for many. Marijuana smoking is actually said to be able to improve lung capacity to a degree. Those who smoke cannabis were said post a study conducted to have lung capacities which were superior to both tobacco smokers as well as to non-smokers!


Seriously speaking, we have hardly started to graze the surface of what this herb is capable of by way of health and wellbeing in this post. We will however cover such topics in more detail for those of you wishing to learn and educate yourself. Till then, smoke safe!


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