The Fabric of the World: How Photos Have Changed the World

Photography isn’t always about capturing the beautiful pictures that are easy on the eyes. History dictates that photography has been used to capture some awe inspiring photos of the world around us, some good, some not so good.

Photography has helped make people aware of global issues that are on the rise as well as those that are hushed up. Pictures speak louder than words they say, images captured from all over the world give people a peek into the reality of what is going on.

Olympics of 1968

In the 60s, America saw turmoil. The uprisings reached the brink and despair was at its worst. Externally the U.S and South Africa were at war with each other.


The apartheid was one of the worst forms of racial discrimination inflicted on black people. One of the controversial images that sparked a fire was when a photograph of two black athletes from America were seen protesting in silence at the podium of the ‘68 Olympics in Mexico. This protest was executed to show resentment to the civil rights movement in America that did little to help their plight.

Apollo 11 1969


The picture of Neil Armstrong landing on the moon and taking his first steps shows how far the world had come even in the sixties. The picture is proof that the landing did actually happen whilst it became popular world over. As the man himself, said, “That’s one small step for a man, one great leap for mankind.”

1984’s National Geographic cover


This was probably the most popular image that resounds with many. The picture of an Afghan refugee became the most popular National Geographic cover ever. The girl has a piercing gaze which tells a story, a haunting one. The picture was taken in a refugee camp in Pakistan. 17 years later the photographer set out to find her, once again showing how powerful some pictures can be!

Famine in Sudan

In 1994 an award-winning photographer, Kevin Carter took an image that chilled many to the bone. In order to call attention to the famine faced by Sudan, this photographer took an image of a child on the verge of dying with hunger with a haunting image of a vulture behind him. This image of his showed the world the true picture of what was going on in this country. He went on to win the Pulitzer Prize for this awe-inspiring and devastating image.

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