What to Expect at Your First Wedding Dress Fitting

If your wedding is the solar system then your wedding dress is undoubtedly the sun.

Half-baked analogies aside; the bride is often taken to be the star of the show. Why? Because of the gorgeous wedding dress, of course. The first thing many brides-to-be will think of is what dress to get.CATAN PIC1

Should you go for a ball gown, or a fitted sheath? Perhaps you have your eyes set on a mermaid bodice; maybe you want change it up and go for a mini.

Whatever dress type you get, you want to make sure it’s fitted and shaped to perfection so that you look utterly stunning on your wedding day.

But before you get there, you have to go through the dress fittings first. Here’s what you should know before you go in for your first bridal gown appointment.

When to Go In

Generally, your first fitting should take place 2-3 months prior to the big day so that you have plenty of time to make all the adjustments necessary. This will give you enough time period to avert any impending dress crisis.

If you’re losing weight before the wedding, make sure to mention this to your seamstress so that fittings can be planned accordingly.

Who You Should Take

First wedding dress fittings tend to be emotionally overwhelming. Seeing yourself in your lovely wedding gown can send your emotions in a tizzy.CATAN-PIC2

Take someone along with you who can keep an eagle-eye on everything practical that needs to be done. Take along your mom or your bridesmaids to your fittings.

How Long It Will Take

Your first bridal dress fitting will usually take about an hour or so. The seamstress will pin and tuck your dress so that it hugs your body lovingly.

Steps will be taken to make sure that the fabric molds the shape of your body and that there are no areas that are sagging or puckering. The first fitting is where all things that are unsatisfactory with the dress can be planned to be adjusted. Fittings afterwards will be relatively simpler and hassle-free.

What You Should Bring With You

Usually, wedding gowns tend to be long and thus the length needs to be altered properly to your height. If you’re planning on wearing heels with your dress then make sure to bring them along to the fitting. It is also important to bring along your underwear or shapewear as that can greatly affect the overall look and feel of the gown. Your seamstress will tweak and alter everything to make sure it looks just right.

Make Your Wedding Shopping Experience Memorable

Buy your dress from a reputable bridal salon that has high-quality and eye-catching wedding dresses to make your big day memorable. Catan Fashions offers a stunning collection; everything from contemporary chic to vibrantly vintage is available.


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