Exciting Things to Do In Cabo San Lucas

Exciting Things to Do In Cabo San Lucas

If you’re planning a trip to Cabo San Lucas, then get ready to bask under the warm sun and explore the sandy beaches of the resort city.

Want to enjoy an exciting and adventure-packed trip? Get inspiration from these fun activities and rejoice with family and friends.

Explore Cabo in Style

As soon as you land in Cabo, head on to the marina and charter a luxury yacht to start your journey exploring the great blue sea. Cabo is home to the most amazing wildlife.

Hop on a boat and enjoy your time at sea! The luxurious yachts are no less than a five-star hotel service, fitted with deluxe bedrooms, dining area and a personal chef on board.

Experience the Night Life

Whether you’re in the mood for live music performances or want to dance the night away to high-energy music, Cabo’s nightlife will not disappoint.

Home to some of the most eclectic nightclubs and sophisticated bars, the party scene is lit here!

If you are in the mood to experience the local nightlife, visit Cabo Wabo Cantina, El Squid Roe, Nowhere Bar, and the Giggling Marlin.

Eat Your Weight in Tacos & Guacamole

A vacation in Cabo isn’t complete without Mexican delicacies. Have your fill of delicious Tacos and fresh guacamole filled with a variety of seafood options.

Pair your Taco with tequila like a true local and enjoy the authentic taste of the Mexican cuisine. Almost every bar, restaurant, and food stall sells these yummy treats, so you’re never far away from your next snack.

Stock Up On Tequila

When in Cabo, drink as the locals do! Cabo is known for its tequila and it is literally available everywhere.

Whether you’re partying in nightclubs, playing golf in a luxurious resort or sailing on a luxurious yacht, tequila cocktails will definitely be served to you.

You must stock up on local Mexican tequila and take a bottle or two back home!

Swim with the Dolphins

Check this item off your bucket list and get ready to interact with the delightful and intelligent dolphins.

Arrange for a swim with the dolphins in the shallow water and hold on tight to their fin as you zip around the pool.

This activity calls for an epic family adventure as children and elderly, both, can enjoy an effortless swim with the dolphins.

Indulge In Water Sport Adventures

Your adventurous soul will love Cabo’s water sports activities that call out the thrill-seekers to ride the waves in style.

Not only are surfing and swimming opportunities easily accessible on the beaches, but the luxury yacht charters also come equipped with paddleboards, kayaks, jet skis, and snorkeling gear.

What are you waiting for? Rent a private boat and go on the ultimate water adventure!

Deep Sea Fishing

Cabo is home to a variety of fish like the Blue Marlin, Roosterfish and Mahi-mahi. If you’re a fishing enthusiast, then don’t miss the chance of chartering a luxurious yacht for the ultimate sports fishing adventure.

Gather the fishing gear and pack your bait case, the calm waters and exotic fish are calling your name!

Charter a Luxury Yacht Cabo San Lucas

Contact Tag Cabo Sportfishing to explore the sunny city of Cabo.

The company offers a wide range of sports fishing fleet and luxury charters on rent. It also organizes and expedites sport fishing trips and adventures in Cabo San Lucas

Have more questions about fishing charters and costs?

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