Pregnancy care

Essentials for a Pregnancy Care Basket

Your friend is going to be a mom, and you couldn’t be more proud!

From silly drunken giggles to in-depth 3-hour conversations, you both have been with each other through it all, and now, you feel like it’s your duty to take care of them in their time. After all, their little bundle of joy isn’t just theirs. You’re going to be an aunt/uncle!

So why not spoil your friend a little with a care package, so both mom and baby is well taken care of?

Here’s what you need…

Let’s get the basics down before we list the specifics of your care package:

Comfort Items:

  • Cozy socks
  • A warm snuggly sweater
  • Hot water bottle for that aching back
  • Eye masks so they can nap in the afternoon
  • A soft blanket (not too heavy)

Comfort Food

  • Sour lollipops to ease the after effects of morning sickness
  • Granola bars for a sweet craving
  • Green tea (their favorite) to ease the heartburn
  • Chocolate (moderately sweet)

Special Care Items

  • Cocoa butter to massage those stretch marks
  • Belly oil or lotion
  • Massage oil (try tea tree or lavender)
  • A gift card for a pedicure

 Specific Gifts

š Body Pillow

You can’t really rest or relax when you’re pregnant unless you have a small (read: large) collection of pillows to snuggle in.

š Fashionable Maternity Gown

maternityDressed to Deliver has a gorgeous collection of 3-in-1 maternity gowns for modern moms. With their stylish design and bamboo fabric, these gowns don’t only work well as maternity dresses; they can also be worn as hospital delivery and nursing gowns after the birth.

You’ll be doing your friend a favor by gifting them a dress (or two)



š Babysitting Coupons from You

If you live close by, these are a must.

Your friend will most probably be flying off their feet after the little one arrives. They won’t even have time to pay attention to themselves, much less anything else.

Volunteer to babysit. While you take care of the baby, they’ll have the time to get some stuff done, like enjoy a bath, have a full meal and maybe take a well-deserved nap.

And there you have it!

With your support and a little help from your perfect care package, your friend will have all they need for a smooth and happy pregnancy!

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