The Essential Suit Accessories Every Man Should Own

A well-tailored suit is a good enough outfit on its own and will help any men look sleek and polished. But pairing such a suit with the right accessories will give you that edge you need to stand out from the crowd.

But not every accessory goes with suits. And with the number of options available out there, it can get really tough to find what will best suit your suits!

To make the job a little easier for you, here are the suit essentials every man MUST own to amp up the style factor:

The Pocket Square

Show off your personality and play up your basic suit with a vibrant pocket square, or keep a loud suit toned down with a pocket square in a neutral shade. Whatever you choose must complement your suit or dress shirt, but owning at least one pocket square is a must if you own a suit.

The Tie Bar


While a simple silver or gold tie bar will do the trick of keeping your tie wrinkle-free while looking simultaneously classy, you may choose to opt for a flashier one if you so choose. Because they are so discreet, you can go as bold as you want while still keeping the look highly professional and sleek.

The Cufflink

Cufflinks are the easiest way to make a basic suit look expensive. They are highly personal while still remaining perfectly office-appropriate, and investing in a few will give your style the boost you wanted.

The Watch

A nice, formal watch with a well-tailored suit is the perfect combination to give you the powerful businessman image every man seeks. Invest in a high quality, stainless steel watch for a classic and timeless way of impressing all your business associates.

The Shoes

You do not want your old, worn out shoes to take away from the entire image of the debonair man you wish to present. A well-polished leather oxford dress shoe is the most important key to making any suited man look his best.

The Belt

Without a doubt, the right belt can either make or break your entire outfit. It also helps break your profile in half, making you look taller and slimmer.

Invest in a good quality, handmade, full grain leather belt that perfectly matches your shoes to look sophisticated and save money on replacement belts down the road.

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