Essential Kitchen Accessories That Everyone Should Have

A kitchen without a full range of accessories is like going into battle without armor. A kitchen is the heart of a home; it needs to be functional. Few missing essentials can limit your cooking experience and increase the number of hours you spend in front of the stove or oven.

Add some functionality—and spunk—with the following kitchen accessories. Let’s divide accessories into 8 broad categories.

Kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliance can reduce time and effort required in mixing, cutting and chopping things. Your kitchen should have these basics covered: a stand mixer, blender, and a pot pressure cooker.

A stand mixer can mix your cookie dough and blenders can provide you a never-ending supply of healthy smoothies; whereas, a cooker can reduce your cooking time and provide you steaming meals in no time.

Cutting and chopping accessories

Having knives and a cutting board is not enough. Invest in quality chef knives’ set, that has a full range of knives for cutting, chopping, mincing and dicing. In addition to this, get hold of a bread knife, paring knife, and steak knives to facilitate different type of cutting needs.

For smaller and efficient chopping of herbs, buy a kitchen shear. Cut herbs and open packages with a kitchen shear in no time and hassle.

Mixing and measuring accessories

For smooth baking, you need a full range of measuring equipment. Make sure your kitchen has to measure cups, spoons, and mixing bowls. Invest in measuring cup with clear labeling and variety of measures.


Basic tools

A kitchen is incomplete without a complete set of nylon utensils for serving, flipping, or cooking. Depending on your cooking skills, you might need different types of utensils for different functions. For example, a metal whisk for mixing and beating, flipper to turn your BBQ or cookies, a pastry brush for baking, etc.


Non-stick cookware is a saving grace for people around the world. If you have a big family, having multiple pots and pan for cooking is an ideal choice. Owning a colander will make your draining job a lot easier, so keep 2-3 colanders handy in your kitchen as well.

Baking Utensils

Your kitchen can be transformed into a professional bakery with some essential tools and your baking skills. For superior baking results, equip your kitchen with baking pans, cooling rack, square and circular pans, muffin pan and a loaf pan.

Other gadgets

There are a lot of other tasks performed in a kitchen that are essential to the actual cooking process, such as peeling or squeezing. Make your life easier with help of a citrus squeezer, a peeler, a cooking thermometer, a cooking mat, and a grater.

Linen accessories

To deal with a messy aftermath, you will need multiple towels and an apron. Stock your kitchen with tablecloth, oven mitts, and towels to make cooking convenient.


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