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Amp up Your Christmas Celebrations with Easy Cake Decorating Designs for Beginners

With the holiday season approaching soon, we know you’ll be cooking and baking up a storm to welcome your family and friends.

What better way to fill up their appetite than with a scrumptious cake that will transport them to a sweet haven.

We want to help you up your cake decor game this year with fun and simple cake decorating design ideas. Grab your supplies and create beautiful cakes for your guests this Christmas holidays.

You Can Never Go Wrong With Sprinkles

Take your simple chocolate cake to the next level by dusting colorful sprinkles all over your frosted cake.

Not only are they a classic decoration ingredient, but they also look great and taste delicious! The market is full of colorful sprinkles in cute designs and shapes that will add a little oomph to your cake.

There are many creative ways to use sprinkles; cover the whole surface area with these tiny sweets or sparsely sprinkle them on top.

If you’re really feeling the Christmas spirit, we recommend you a blend of red, green and white decorettes mixed with holly-shaped sprinkles.

Unleash Your Inner Artist

Present a beautifully frosted cake to your guests and watch them be awed by the beauty of flowers and roses.

No, you don’t need to use real flowers (even though you totally could); just pipe pink, red, white and blue flower roses using frosting nozzles.

Online Cake Decorating Supplies

These piping nozzles come in different styles to help you create the most versatile frosting designs. As long as you keep a steady hand, your cake will look perfect without much effort.

Chocolate Glaze

We’ve all seen those viral videos of galaxy and mirror cakes making its way around the internet.

We recommend making a simpler version of the glazed cake using the most decadent ingredient ever—CHOCOLATE!

Online Chocolate Shop

The rich cocoa flavor of chocolate is a universal treat beloved by all. Why not try to incorporate this sweet ingredient in a different way and amp up your cake design?

Make a beautiful mirror glaze by tempering chocolate, butter, and powdered sugar in a saucepan until you get a shiny and smooth finish.

Pro Tip: To make the perfect glaze, be mindful of the temperature; make sure to not over-heat the chocolate. Add the powdered sugar slowly and mix well to avoid lumps.

Fun Fondant DecorationFondant Decoration

If you’re tired of frosting your cakes with the same buttercream frosting each year, mix things up a bit with fondant designs.

Fondant is a versatile ingredient that you can use to roll out innumerable designs – the sky’s the limit. Use your whimsical imagination cut fun shapes.

If you’re committed to the Christmas theme, roll out a snow-man cake using simple tools to cut round pieces for the body. Add a touch of snowflakes to the sides and you’re good to go!

Are you inspired yet? Grab your supplies and get to decorating!

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