All About E-liquid – Nicotine Strength Explained

Life is short. How should we spend it? Think positively…eat healthy… laugh and dance more! There is another change people should bring to their lives- Switch to vaping instead of the nasty regular cigarettes!

E-cigarettes have risen in popularity especially after the harmful and dangerous effects of smoking cigarettes surfaced.

Are you a smoker and trying to quit or at least reduce your nicotine intake? Unfortunately, you won’t find the option of decreasing nicotine intake according to preference with a regular cigarette. What smokers can do is switch to e-cigarettes!

E-liquids Manufactured with Varying Nicotine Strength

That is the best part about e-liquids, users can choose and buy e-juice according to their preferred nicotine strength. But how do you really know if a nicotine strength is right for you?

Measuring E-Liquid Nicotine Strength

Nicotine strength is always measured in weight per volume i.e. milligrams per millilitre. The complete formula is mg/ml although the last part is often not included in e-liquid labels.

Many factors are behind that help make a good vaping experience. In fact, the feeling of nicotine absorption by the body largely depends on:

  • Nicotine density in the e-liquid
  • E-cigarette vaporising quantity
  • Smoking frequency and timing
  • Smoking inhaling respiration

Keep This in Mind When Picking E-liquid

Finding the right nicotine strength becomes easy once the following is kept in mind:

Smoking to Compensate

Choosing a lighter strength than the original tobacco product you are trying to switch from will result in compensation smoking. Why is this? Your body has become used to having a certain amount of nicotine, switching to a lighter strength won’t give as much satisfaction.

You will try to make up for your nicotine craving by vaping more.

What to do? Don’t choose a lower nicotine level as your body isn’t used to a lower strength. This is one reason why most people go back to smoking regular cigarettes.

Excessive Throat Hit

On the other hand, you will overload your body with more nicotine if chosen a full strength e-liquid even when you smoke light nicotine cigarettes.

Not only will you be taking more nicotine compared to regular cigarettes but the throat hit will also be intense.

It’s important to purchase right nicotine strength especially if it will be your first time smoking an e-cigarette!

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