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E-Juice Flavors You Must Try: From Salty to Sidecar

Over the past few years, numerous smokers the world over have switched from smoking to vaping. If you ate or someone who has been vaping from the get go, one of the things you probably know is your vape device is only as good as what you juice it with!

We like giving our readers a little heads up on what’s available out there from time to time. In case you’ve been using the same old flavors for a while, are looking for something new and don’t know where to start, let us help!

From Salty to Sidecar

Premium e-juice is a cut above the stuff you usually get in the market because of the ingredients and recipes used as well as because of the way in which it is manufactured. The result; better hits and superior taste.

We’re going to skim through a couple of e juice flavors we feel might please both the noob and the discerning pallet!

lucky bastradLucky Bastard

If you gave a flavor called Lucky 13 a go, you definitely want to try out Lucky Bastard also by Café Racer Vape. This premium hand crafted e juice is tobacco lover’s dream.Packing twice the punch of Lucky 13, Lucky bastard boasts a rich flavor with a pleasantly nutty aftertaste.

Salty Bastard Tangerine

From the Salty Bastard line, our pick of the hour is Salty Bastard Tangerine. Moving away from the more serious tobacco centric flavor, this e juice, also handcrafted is ideal for vapers in search of a citrusy kick! This juice is crafted by blending a fine selection of orange as well as natural tangerine flavorings.

Strawberry Creamsicle

On the note of eccentric and enjoyable flavors, we’ve got Strawberry Creamsicle from the Sidecar vape juice line. We’re talking vanilla cream as well as the delightful after kick of strawberries in every hit. Definitely worth giving a go if you haven’t already!

Yogurt Bomb

Yogurt Bomb is a not-for-everybody kind of flavor but if you’ve got a taste for this sort of thing it’s probably right up your alley! We’re talking a base of yogurt flavoring complemented with guava as well as some mango and finally a hint of tangerine! In short, sweet blended intricately with tart!


Cool Bastard

Finally ending on a more sober note, we have Cool Bastard. Premium tobacco tastefully blended with a hint of mint! We feel that one speaks for its self!

Winding Down

We started with the regal and classy, went down to the far out and whacky and ended on a balanced and sober note! That being said, all e juice mentioned in this article is premium grade and hand crafted. Check out the other flavors available and get yourself a hit or three!

Café Racer Vape is a company manufacturing and selling award winning and premium grade hand crafted e liquid to customers looking to buy vape juice online.

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