Fifth Wheel Travel Trailers

The Dos and Don’ts of Taking Care of Fifth Wheel Travel Trailers

Fifth wheel travel trailers are a type of towed RV, available in different lengths and with various facilities. They can be completely bare inside or feature extensive interior with multiple rooms and amenities. In 2017 alone, 94.2 thousand fifth wheel trailers were shipped to dealers in the U.S.

Taking care of a fifth wheel trailer can be quite complex because of its multiple components. It has to be done very carefully with complete attention to detail.

Here is a list of dos and don’ts to consider while taking care of your fifth wheel travel trailer:


Inspect the electrical system

Every six months, the electrical system must be checked for any potential signs of corrosion. This includes any batteries, wiring and converters. The batteries must be checked to ensure they are charged. Remove the lighting fixtures to prevent any bulbs from overheating and check for damage.

Keep the Interior well maintained

The interior of a fifth wheel travel trailer may be quite spacious. It needs to be cleaned properly every few months. Carpets and furniture must be steam cleaned, kitchen appliances must be cleared, air conditioning vents and filters must be vacuumed, and everything must be thoroughly inspected to check for due repairs.

Inspect Plumbing Pipes

All pipes and fixtures must be checked for leakage. The sink and toilet should be cleaned with a special drain cleaner every few weeks.

Wash the trailer

Ensure that the exterior of the fifth wheel travel trailer is washed every couple of months. The roof must be paid attention to and made sure it is in good condition.


Drive with deflated tires

The tires need to be checked to ensure there is sufficient air pressure before every trip. Driving with lower air pressure than required or with cracked and damaged tires can be fatal on the road.

Leave any seals displaced

The air vents, windows and antenna covers must be checked for damage at least once in six months. Any displaced seals must be replaced immediately before it causes any accidents.

Let any debris accumulate in the water heater

The water heater needs to be flushed every six months so that it does not collect any dust or debris which would end up clogging the heaters and cause extensive damage.

Hesitate in heading over to a professional

You can always go over to a trusted service facility like the RV Land, an RV dealership in Texas, to take care of your fifth wheel travel trailer and meet all your maintenance needs.

Also, if you are looking for a travel trailer, RV Land has a great variety of new and used fifth wheels for sale in Texas.

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