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DIY Chocolate Advent Calendar For Your Loved One

An Advent Calendar is that extra special cherry on top that makes you look forward to the days leading up to Christmas.

Waking up every morning to a new gift, now who wouldn’t love that? A handmade advent calendar is a great way to show someone how special they are to you. Why not take it a step further? Handmade gifts for each day! It’s not as difficult as it sounds.

Here are 12 DIY chocolate ideas for your loved one:


This luxurious chocolaty treat is usually served up in little boxes at Christmas time. They have a reputation for being expensive while in reality, the recipe is so simple.  The base of a truffle remains the same while you can create different variations by introducing new ingredients.

Chocolate Truffle

  1. Chocolate Truffle

This recipe is great because it’s a dairy-free version. Crushed, good quality chocolate should be melted down to a smooth paste with sugar syrup. When left to cool, it turns into a block of play dough. This clay-like chocolate is then rolled into balls and dipped in tempered chocolate melted over a bowl of simmering water (bain-marie).

  1. Almond and rose truffles

The mixture of chocolate and sugar syrup mentioned above can be infused with any flavoring to make different variations of chocolate. Almond and rose pair beautifully with chocolate. Edible rose oil can be mixed into the chocolate with marzipan pieces to create this truffle. You can either finish off with a coating of melted chocolate or a dusting of crushed almonds

  1. Peppermint Crunch

As a third variation of the truffle base can be infused with peppermint oil and for crunch, you can add some brown sugar. Finish off these truffles with a rolling in cocoa powder.

  1. Chocolate Orange

Everyone’s favorite Christmas time treat, the class chocolate orange. You can easily make an orange infused truffle with some edible orange essence in your base mixture. Roll the truffles around in ground almonds for added texture.


Grandma’s classic fudge is a treat you can never forget! Of course, she stood there for hours stirring the pot before you could get to those little cubes of sheer joy. Nobody has time for that today. Here’s a simple fudge recipe you can make in the microwave!


  1. Chocolate Fudge

Place powdered sugar, good quality cocoa, butter and chocolate milk in a bowl and microwave. Line a square tin with cling film while you wait for the microwave to go off. Combine the mixture well and add some vanilla essence to it. Transfer to the tin and refrigerate.

  1. Chocolate Pistachio Fudge

This recipe tastes best with dark chocolate. Just add chopped pistachios to the base fudge mix and refrigerate!

  1. Chocolate cherry fudge

This chocolate is like a mini black forest cake for your advent calendar. Just add some dried cherries to the base fudge mix and refrigerate. Maybe some liqueur if these chocolates won’t be served to kids.

  1. Peanut butter fudge

Stealing the idea of famous candy bars out there, add some crunchy peanut butter to the base mixture and enjoy some peanut butter fudge.

  1. White chocolate peppermint fudge

Create the fudge base by substituting white chocolate and milk for cocoa and chocolate milk. Once combined add in peppermint oil. You can give this fudge a green tint too.

Chocolate Bark

Kids love making such recipes! Chocolate bark is the ultimate way to create the chocolate of your dreams

Chocolate Bark

  1. Cranberry, pistachio and cranberry bark

Temper some white chocolate onto a tray and when it’s about to set, top it off with dried cranberries and chopped pistachio. Cool and break into shards.

  1. chocolate peppermint bark

Place a layer of melted dark chocolate and allow to set, top it off with a layer of melted white chocolate. When the white chocolate layer is close to setting add some crushed candy cane to the top.

  1. Pretzel bark

Melt some dark chocolate onto a tin, drizzle on some melted white chocolate and finish off with crushed pretzels.

Not so difficult, right? These recipes are all based on a standard recipe to which you can add to. Divine Specialties is an on online baking supplies store. This Christmas, try their online shopping service. Their affordable rates and fast delivery will make you come back for more.

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