Belgian Chocolate

What You Didn’t Know About Belgian Chocolate

If there was a king in the industry of chocolate, it would be Belgian chocolate.

With its vast variety and heavenly taste, Belgian chocolate surpasses all standards of excellence. The luxurious, velvety taste of Belgian chocolate melting in your mouth is inexplicable!

This family of chocolates not only has earned the royal status but also has a few interesting facts to its name. Here are a few things to know about Belgian chocolate.

Belgian Chocolate Has Been Here For 400 Years

The conquistadores who occupied Belgian territories in the 1600s were the ones who brought cocoa beans to Europe. Their colonies in Central and South American regions became the birthplace of this age-old legendary chocolate.

Back when chocolates were sold for curative purposes, Baudeloo Abbey was the first gentleman who bought it as a gift in 1635. The abbey monks broke the tradition of trading chocolates as medicines and initiated gift-giving using them.

Pralines Were Not Originally Belgian

We all know how the popularity of Swiss chocolates rivals the monopoly of Belgian chocolate. Praline chocolates were the ones Belgium owed it’s stardom to, in the chocolate industry. However it’s not commonly known that the man behind this great invention was Jean Neuhaus II, a Swiss migrant!

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He was the confectioner who came up with the idea of cream-filled chocolate shells. Not only this, the conventional way of packaging pralines was also designed by Neuhaus’ wife.

Belgian Chocolate Is Produced In Tons Every Year

To be precise, Belgium cashes on its popularity in the chocolate industry and produces 600,000 tons of chocolate annually, it has over 2000 manufacturers and shops across Belgium which make and sell the world-famous chocolate. Out of the yearly produce, more than half—400,000 tons—is exported and it earns in excess of €4 billion.

Belgians Are Not Only Biggest Producers Of Chocolate

Record shows that Belgian populations don’t export all their chocolate produce to international markets. A large part of it is locally consumed by the native population who take pride in their chocolates. In fact they have the highest consumption rate for chocolates globally. An average Belgian can consume about 6 kilos per year! These statistics make a statement about how well-received these chocolates are—locally and globally.

Brussels Airport Is The Top Seller Of The Chocolates

This fact shows that even if you forget to devour the famous chocolates when in Belgium, you’ll surely buy them before leaving the country. The country’s capital—Brussels— is home to the airport which is the biggest seller of chocolates nationwide.

Brussels Airport hosts a chocolate store which offers all kinds of renowned names in the Belgian chocolate market. In fact it sells 2 tons of Belgian chocolate every day!

 Belgium Has The Biggest Chocolate Factory In the World

This one wasn’t hard to guess. The masters of chocolate production have the world’s biggest factory situated in their own land. But much to your surprise, it’s situated in the Wieze village in East Flanders.

Owned by the Barry Callebaut group, this factory releases 270,000 tons of produce in the market annually. This is about half of the entire nation’s production!

Belgian Producers Use Pure Cocoa Butter

If you ask the secret ingredient in the Belgian recipe, it’s cocoa butter.

The reason no other chocolate tastes like Belgian chocolate is that manufacturers substitute cocoa butter with different vegetable oils. Belgians, on the other hand, use 100% natural cocoa butter to retain that unique taste in their products. Anything less than the best is unacceptable by Belgian standards.

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