Dessert Ideas

Dessert Ideas For The New Year

There’s never an occasion unfit for dessert.

A chocolate tart will melt as blissfully in your mouth as will a slice of cheesecake tickle your taste buds!

Starting 2019 with a lot of different dessert options on your plate is the right way to do it. There are endless ways of experimenting with your recipes to come up with new desserts! The right ingredients, well-tested recipe and a hint of creativity can bring perfect desserts out of your oven.

Here’s a list of dessert ideas you can try this year and entertain your taste buds.

Honey Gingerbread Trifle

Honey Gingerbread is a delicacy on its own and it can satisfy tummies with its unique taste and texture. But when layered along with creamy ingredients into a trifle, it sure turns into a dessert that runs out before the party is over. This trifle is one-of-a-kind and stands apart from the wide range of custards that are common treats at every occasion.

Fudge Layered Irish Mocha Brownies

Fans of Irish cream will go berserk over this dessert. Slathering it on top of a fudge brownie will not only enhance the taste but also blend tastefully with the cocoa-chocolate sponge. With frosting and ganaché to top it off, this dessert will leave people licking their fingers for the last remains. It tastes as delicious as it looks with triple layers of brownies and cream contrasting in color.

Curry-Kissed Coconut Fudge

If Thai flavors are among your favorites, you’ll probably like this dessert. A mixture of fudge and Thai, this dessert is made with coconut which tastes creamy and delicious in the mouth. The hint of curry powder on top accentuates the flavor even more.

Chocolate Chip Mandelbrot Cookies

Meaning almond bread in Yiddish, Mandelbrot cookies are an ancient dessert introduced during the 19th century. This is a European dessert which has made its way from ancient times into modern menus. Even though we prefer nuts baked into chocolate chip cookies, the recipes can be worked around with to suit different tastes.

Crème de Menthe Truffles

Who would’ve thought that these small, chocolate-coated truffles will release a burst of mint in the mouth in the first bite! For people who like mint chocolate, this will be a tasteful dessert that will pop minty delight right on their taste buds. The chocolate coating blends into a velvety consistency with the mint to neutralize the startling flavor of mint.

Ginger-Cream Bars

These are the perfect nursery treats to go on the table at your child’s birthday party this year. Hard not to be loved, these delight bars are brownies topped with ginger cream. The mixture of flavors and the creamy viscosity of the topping blend perfectly. Not only is this a delight to eat, but also a treat to look at. The contrast of creamy white against the cocoa-colored base makes it look irresistible.

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